Tiger mosquito

google translation http://www.mazarron.es/es/sanidad/noticias/LA-VIGILANCIA-REGIONAL-FRENTE-AL-MOSQUITO-TIGRE-NO-MUESTRA-CASOS-POSITIVOS-EN-MAZARRON/?fbclid=IwAR0aG7hdI1ClH1eIuj7UMZuPOTyYs6Z5oReXgASRbXWfwLn-fYiCooF4pSc REGIONAL SURVEILLANCE AGAINST THE TIGER MOSQUITO DOES NOT SHOW POSITIVE CASES IN MAZARRÓN Two samplings have been carried out between the months of March and April, in

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The Community will restore normality on all bus lines next week

http://www.mazarronhoy.com/noticias/2021/04/24/comunidad-restablecera-normalidad-todas-lineas.asp Google translation 04/24/2021 Given the recovery of mobility patterns, the Ministry of Development informs public transport concessionaires of the reactivation of frequencies The Ministry of Development and Infrastructure will

The Community will restore normality on all bus lines next week2021-04-24T13:43:36+00:00

When will I be vaccinated?

The following site gives useful information and is updated regularly. We have translated via Google - if you use Chrome browser it automatically does that. Here is the view as

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Car Tax Bills 2021 now viewable and payable online

  Car Tax (due 21 June) go to: https://agenciatributaria.carm.es/duplicadorecibos Bring up the tribute/year/population fields as shown. Enter your NIE and Vehicle reg in format shown but change date to 2021

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Minutes of Zoom Meeting Wednesday, 17 February 2021, 2pm

Present: Phil Gelling, Chairman (PG) Jayne Miller, Secretary (CJM); Gordon Cockburn, Acting Treasurer (GC); Colin Barton (CB); Rob Humphreys (RH) 1. Apologies for Absence John Harris; Nigel Jones 2. Treasurer’s

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Vaccinations for 70 to 79 age group in Mazarron

Mass vaccination for people from 70 to 79 years old in Mazarrón Google translate This vaccination will be next Wednesday April 21 at the Sports Pavilion of La Aceña

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http://www.ontheroadtrends.com/new-traffic-rules-2021/?lang=en (Go to above site to see graphics) New traffic rules in Spain Keeping up to date about the rules of the road is just as important as learning them in the

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Acceleration of Vaccinations

http://www.carm.es/web/pagina?IDCONTENIDO=110349... Google translated>>> 04/12/2021 The Community will administer this week more than 60,000 vaccines to different groups Vaccination of the population group from 75 to 79 years will be

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Covid Update

N332  is sharing a COVID-19 update. Changes in Covid-19 measures MURCIA Región The night curfew will begin at 11pm instead of 10pm. Tables of up to 6 permitted on terraces, up

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Vaccination news

google translate Ayuntamiento Mazarrón 🚨 VACCINATION IN MAZARRÓN OF THOSE BORN IN THE YEARS 1956, 1957 AND 1958 💉 The Murcian Health Service (SMS) will carry out a massive

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*Update on UK driving licence exchange*

Brits in Spain *Update on UK driving licence exchange* We have had questions from some of you asking how to exchange your UK driving licence for a Spanish licence.

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Fernando Lopez Miras   The # RegióndeMurcia is one of the communities with the highest percentage of people over 80 years vaccinated. We are already starting with the vaccination

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