Tiger mosquito

google translation http://www.mazarron.es/es/sanidad/noticias/LA-VIGILANCIA-REGIONAL-FRENTE-AL-MOSQUITO-TIGRE-NO-MUESTRA-CASOS-POSITIVOS-EN-MAZARRON/?fbclid=IwAR0aG7hdI1ClH1eIuj7UMZuPOTyYs6Z5oReXgASRbXWfwLn-fYiCooF4pSc REGIONAL SURVEILLANCE AGAINST THE TIGER MOSQUITO DOES NOT SHOW POSITIVE CASES IN MAZARRÓN Two samplings have been carried out between the months of March and April, in

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Minutes of Zoom Meeting Wednesday, 17 February 2021, 2pm

Present: Phil Gelling, Chairman (PG) Jayne Miller, Secretary (CJM); Gordon Cockburn, Acting Treasurer (GC); Colin Barton (CB); Rob Humphreys (RH) 1. Apologies for Absence John Harris; Nigel Jones 2. Treasurer’s

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http://www.ontheroadtrends.com/new-traffic-rules-2021/?lang=en (Go to above site to see graphics) New traffic rules in Spain Keeping up to date about the rules of the road is just as important as learning them in the

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*Update on UK driving licence exchange*

Brits in Spain *Update on UK driving licence exchange* We have had questions from some of you asking how to exchange your UK driving licence for a Spanish licence.

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