Dear member and/or resident,

I hope you can spare some time to provide information to help me and my committee find a resolution to the issues of Camposol, before we fall into the old trap of division between residents and residents versus the Town Hall.

The CRA and more importantly the committee have been looking at ways to make the Town Hall understand that they have failed the resident population and that they are wrong to put the blame on residents for not entering into Community of Owner arrangements. Many promises have been made in the past by political parties and actions taken which firmly place the burden of responsibility for failings on the Developer, the Town Hall, the Region and the CHS.

The Urbanisation of Camposol has not been finished up to an acceptable standard by any stretch of the imagination. Over nearly 20 years I have been involved with Camposol and I have seen or heard of demonstrations, road blocks, aggressive behaviour, one organisation or business or legal entity after another deceiving potential property owners and we are as of today left with an unsavoury situation.

Some of us have beautiful dream homes and some of us don’t. Some of us have excellent facilities and again some of us have not. Some of us live with no lighting and others have lighting. Some of us live with suitable roads and some of us don’t. Some of us live in or near houses that are unstable. Some of us live in houses built in the rambla and do not own the land the house is built on. There are other issues as well.

What have we been doing:-

Lobbying the Prime Minister.

Lobbying the Senate.

Lobbying the National Ombudsman.

Lobbying the National Tourist Board.

Lobbying the Region.

Lobbying the Regional Tourist Board.

Lobbying the Town Hall.

Trying to speak to the Owner of Hotel Sensol.

With the following responses:-

Prime Minister’s office: – Go to the Attorney General with your case and take on the Town Hall.

The Senate reviewing our case at their next meeting and we are awaiting the response.

The National Ombudsman responded with we can only take on cases of maladministration within the last 12 months. We are thinking about telling the Ombudsman about the situation of Licences of 1st Occupation. He did however tell us the urbanisation should be completed before handover from the developer i.e. the Town Hall.

No responses from the Region or the Tourist associations or the Owner of Hotel Sensol. We intend to send follow up letters and review further actions.

Less than satisfactory responses from the Town Hall and the Camposol and Foreign Residents Representative although we are seeing some minor changes in progress and a couple of community facilities after 15 years or more campaigning.

We have taken a further step and engaged a team of people to help our cause who have had success in Andalucía and they cover all the skill sets we need; Solicitors, Administrators, Politicians, Town Planners and successful Trouble Shooters.

Obviously this all takes time and money but at the moment we have funds to do some of the initial activities. We have been steadily increasing our membership which now stands at 1252 as of today.

We would like you to encourage your friends and neighbours to join us. As sitting this situation out is not going to improve Camposol to a standard that’s acceptable to all.

The lawyers we are working with are going to undertake some activity to assist us in finally ascertaining the legal status of the urbanisation. In order to be able to provide them with relevant examples, we need your help. 

We have been asked to give the lawyers information about two different types of poligono/sector, firstly;-

A poligono/sector, which is completed to a good standard and secondly 

A poligono/sector that has issues that are in need of resolution, 

If you would like to help us and provide information about your poligono/sector, please contact us at

We also need to collect responses to a number of questions as follows:-

  1. Do you live full time on Camposol or are you a holiday home owner?
  2. Do you think Camposol meets with your expectations?
  3. Do you think Camposol needs improving?
  4. What improvements do you think are needed?
  5. What are you prepared to do to make any improvements happen?
  6. If no improvements are made will you be happy to stay or leave?

We have seen quite a few changes under this Town Hall council, more than previous, but we feel any further changes are likely to take up to 20 years unless we apply more pressure. The burden for ongoing changes should not be all at the resident’s expense. The committee would like to thank you for your time and support and if you think you can help progress any ideas please let us know. Don’t forget to tell your friends to join us as there is strength in numbers.

Yours Faithfully

Phil Gelling – Chairman