Phil Gelling, Chairman (PG)
Jayne Miller, Secretary (CJM); Gordon Cockburn, Acting Treasurer (GC); Colin Barton (CB);
Rob Humphreys (RH)

1. Apologies for Absence
John Harris; Nigel Jones

2. Treasurer’s Report

GC reported no changes in the financial standing since the last meeting.

3. Review of 28 Page report vis a vis Response to Ombudsman

NJ has this in hand and has made several observations:
It is difficult to establish maladministration since there is nothing concrete to pinpoint. He suggests
this be set aside for further analysis particularly in the light of discussions GC had with Maura, who
had taken a case to the EU helped by local political pressures forcing a change to Andalucian law
preventing demolition of illegal properties unless compensation was offered. Names of some
legal advisors had been obtained plus GC has discovered several organisations useful as
pressures groups to move matters forward.

It was noted that the Town Hall Fact Finder website now had a page regarding CoOs, possibly
generated as a result of our letters to the Ombudsman etc. It was obviously difficult to determine
how purchasers could have dealt with CoOs historically as many properties did not have
Certificates of Habitation and many did not have Deeds – if papers were not available for many
properties compliance was almost impossible.

4. Meeting with Silvana

Very harmonious and Silvana keen to continue to work with CRA.
One of her major topics had been the CoOs – she had been keen to emphasise that Mazarrón are
not ‘pushing’ residents to create their CoOs but they are a legal requirement and primarily are for
the protection and convenience of residents.

From a straw poll it seemed that at least 95% of residents do not know or have any information of
CoOs. Some signed in 2002 when clearly the urbanisation was incomplete and even in 2018 or
2019 purchasers were still not made aware of the requirement. Obviously ignorance on the part of
the purchasers is part of the problem but also legal advisors should also take part of the blame. At
the end of the day it is immaterial who is culpable.

Estate agents, lawyers are the professionals we have to rely upon, although obviously included
within in all Deeds but in general purchasers are not cognisant of the details of Spanish Law and
rely, for example, on solicitors who prefer not point out obstacles.

Discussions had covered road and lighting. Mazarrón cannot completely adopt urbanisation until
the situation with the Ramba is resolved, following that, then the roads may be adopted.
Fundamentally there are two aspects – political and physical. The politics of the situation seem to
prevent the relevant bodies getting together, leading to stalemate – we now need more
information and need to address the resolution of the Rambla. This may be an area of detail we
could address to the Ombudsman.

Fundamentally we should try and use Silvana to get CHS to be more proactive.
CRA could provide estimates for lighting at probably more cost effective basis than Mazarrón
seem to be following.
In order to pursue more discussions with Silvana we need to set up a priority list.

5. FoodBank
Note from Nigel – There have been requests on Facebook inviting volunteers and contributors,
however there were some aspects about which he was not happy. Contribution to the ‘Shopping
Bag’ initiative from the CRA would be good publicity.

6. Any Other Business

7. Registration of the Association
Arrange appointment with Tina

8. Update on Responses to the Letters sent out in December

Next Steps and Timescales

9. Reports from the Gardening Groups
10. Council Sports Fund / Camposol Budget
11. Aid for those struggling with the pandemic
12. Halloween Fund Raiser