CDiP in their latest Newsletter have stated

The local electoral authority has decided not to allocate polling booths
on Camposol.
Our Vice President Richard Moss, asked the CRA/PSOE candidate
Silvana Buxton why the PSOE had not taken action on the question of
Camposol having polling booths. Her answer to Richard was, I think, a
clear indication of the answers you would get from Silvana if she got
elected. She toed the PSOE party line and replied that there must be
200 Spaniards in any ward.

Silvana  states Tom Finnegan  has sent his newsletter to her personally – she does not reply privately to public insults, but is happy to send the response below on our own website:

The regulations about the provision of a polling station is nothing to do with PSOE or with Silvana, who took the bother to go to the Town Hall twice to enquire about the possibility of having the facility to vote in Camposol, and she was told specifically that a minimum of 200 nationals should be residing in the area in order to provide the service. This, we stated very clearly in our shuttle-bus service posting, where we stated that the CRA is providing the shuttle service to ALL who wish to use it, and not just to members, as CDiP is doing.