This is the true situation with regards to the forthcoming elections and the positions of the political parties. There has been a lot of figures, hot air etc, about the forthcoming local elections, here are the true facts.

1. There are 21 councillors in the Mazarron council.

2. PP are the leading party and have been for many years.

3. Cdip would need 11 councillors to take control of the council..

4. In the last election with no local opposition they didn’t get 1 seat.

5. The only party that has a chance of getting the current party out of office is PSOE.

6. Any vote for Cdip would put PP back in power for another 4 years!

7. The current situation on polls is giving PSOE the lead both in national and local polls.
Ref. Euroweekly News 28th March ;

PSOE 28.6%
PP 20.1%
Ciudadanos 16.3%
Unidos Podemos 11.1%


8. When the current Mayor came to Camposol recently, she said she had no money to fix the problems of Camposol.

9. She has just announced a project to spend 1.5 million Euros on 2 open air swimming pools in Mazarron…

Vote for PSOE and lets get PP out, and fix Camposol problems.