Some weeks ago homeowners on C15 were alarmed one Friday evening by the sound of squatters breaking into a vacant property with a jackhammer, Silvana the Councillor for Camposol was called and along with the Local Police arrived in short order and evicted the trespassers, the door was repaired, the lock changed and things got back to normal, this morning the same homeowners awoke to a new pair of neighbours, who having been chased away from another property the previous week had taken up residence in the original  vacant property after breaking the newly fitted lock and also, to provide a water supply, had during the early hours stolen and installed a water meter from a nearby derelict property which they then proceeded to hide with building rubble, the alarm was raised by a nearby neighbour and after checking that the new incumbents were not documented homeowners, Silvana was once again called for advice, although she was attending a meeting in Mazarrón Town Hall she immediately contacted the Local Police who were already on the urbanisation as part of the new patrol and rapidly arrived at the scene, after a brief discussion the Okupas or squatters were escorted off the premises and loaded into the waiting Police van along with a large suitcase to be transported off into the distance, local residents on attempting to replace the lock again found that the okupas had fitted a new lock and in the confusion of departing had managed to lock it, after deciding against the obvious course of action of fitting a revolving door, with a mixture of super glue and brute force the new lock was incapacitated, although this will not stop a determined effort to enter the premises it may delay the perpetrators long enough for action to be taken.

Once again thanks to rapid reaction of Silvana and the Local Police a new set of unwelcome guests were thwarted in their devious plans.