The aim is to promote savings for families in domestic water and energy consumption in their homes
The Regional Authority will offer grants to families in the region of Murcia aid of up to 500 euros per square metre for the installation of solar panels in homes to produce hot water, with the aim of generating savings for the families in the domestic consumption of water and energy.
The Director Generals for Territorial planning, Architecture and Housing, José Antonio Fernández Lladó, and of Energy, Industry and Mining, Esther Marín, detailed this aid during an Information Day, organised together with the Murcia Regional Federation of Metal Businesses (FREMM).
Fernandez Lladó stressed that “the regional government’s objective is to reduce bills, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and to stimulate the sector’s labour market”.
The Director-General explained that interested parties will be able to consult the basis that sets the requirements to be met in order to receive the aid, which will be announced shortly.
The beneficiaries of the aid could be the homeowners, tenants or users of houses located in the region, in which installations that take advantage of solar radiation for water heating using thermal solar sensors.
Aid shall be granted up to 500 euros per square metre of the surface area of receptors and will increase by 10 per cent provided that a maintenance contract for five years is presented. In no event will the amount of aid exceed 75 per cent of the price of the installation.
Anyone interested should consult a reputable installer.

Here is a link to the Regional Authority announcement