You can report lots of problems using the Línea Verde which links to the Town Hall. For example mosquitos, rubbish recycling, pests and much more.   You will get a response from their team of experts within 24 hrs.

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Positive balance of a service that is used by neighbours to report flaws and share good environmental practices

The mobile application of the Línea Verde service allows the Mazarrón City Council to process about 2,000 incidents. The service is a direct channel from residents to the administration that allows the communication of defects as well as the use and maintenance of good environmental practices.

Línea Verde began its journey in 2013, having a very good reception among citizens. To date, 1,974 incidents have been reported. Of these, 79% have already been processed and the rest are in progress. The most reported incidents have to do with lighting, followed by those that have to do with sidewalks and driveways, parks and gardens, and urban solid waste.

Operation of Línea Verde

In order to use this new service, it is necessary to download the Línea Verde APP. To do this, the user accesses Google Play or APP Store depending on the technology used on their Smartphone (Android / iOS). Once located, the download is carried out for free. From that moment on, the user selects the municipality on which he wants to report the incident. The procedure is very quick and easy.

To report an incident, just click on the “Report your incident” button. A drop-down with the different types of incidents appears on the screen. The user selects the one about which he wants to communicate. Automatically, the APP detects the exact coordinates where the fault is located. The next step is to attach a photo of the incident and observation about it. Now all you have to do is hit the send button. Once sent, City Council staff receives notification of the reported damage. From this moment on, the procedures are started to solve the incident detected. The citizen, in turn, receives notification on his mobile phone whenever there is a change in the status of the same.

Through Línea Verde, the user can also raise any environmental query. Simply select the option “Make your query”. Within a maximum period of 24 hours you will have a response from a team of experts in the field completely free of charge.

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