It has become increasingly obvious to the CRA Committee and interested observers that the current status quo in dealing with relevant authorities, while securing some useful results, could be drastically improved by a Camposol presence within Mazarrón Council, that is not to say that the Association becomes a political party, but more realistically promotes an elected Councillor within an established Camposol friendly party, with an agreement that if that party gains power, whether that be outright or as part of a Coalition (Equipo de Gobierno) that the “Camposol Councillor” would have a seat on the Mazarrón Council Executive Board (Junta de Gobierno), this would not only provide access to the larger decision making level of local government, but also to the faster approval of smaller (below 15,000€) contracts, this Executive Board meets every week and in effect runs the Council.

To this end the CRA Committee has explored the various avenues and options available, it is clear that the existing Mazarrón political parties fall into 3 groups, those friendly to Camposol, those ambivalent to Camposol and those actively anti Camposol, to avoid antagonism we will concentrate on the first group, being the PSOE, Ciudadanos, IU and CDiP, the PSOE have the largest following of these parties both locally and regionally and after the National government change in June of this year they will have Central Government control until 2020, since 2015 the CRA has been steadily assisted by not only the local PSOE but also by the Regional Assembly PSOE (PSRM) members, in fact one of their members was the principle author and driving force behind the Regional Assembly’s report and conclusions on the problems facing Camposol, which was approved at the Regional Assembly’s full meeting on 22nd March 2018, this has led to meetings with PSOE appointed officials in the National Government in August 2018 with Diego Conesa Murcia Delegate to the National Government and Mario Urrea President of the CHS (Rivers Authority responsible for re-routing the rambla and the legalisation of over 600 properties on D Sector) and a follow up meeting on 30th November 2018.

The CDiP who are a Camposol dedicated Political Party and were indirectly conceived by the CRA, were considered by the Committee, but after the failure in the last election and the current and foreseeable state of the party and its leadership it was decided that a successful election outcome was unlikely.

After deliberation the CRA Committee has approached the Mazarrón PSOE Party with a view to gauging the feasibility of entering a Candidate, namely Silvana Buxton, for the PSOE in a prominent position, the response was very positive and negotiations are ongoing, Silvana, as many of you will know is the Acting Chairperson of the CRA and is fluent in English, Spanish, French as well as her native Italian, she has also been the lynchpin in meetings and talks with officials at all levels of Spanish officialdom.

The CRA Committee are aware that the membership voted in 2014 to return to a non-political situation but it has become increasingly apparent that this approach will severely hamper the endeavours to advance Camposol’s future, it has also contributed to the habit of abstention and indifference at the polling booths allowing legislation unfavourable to Camposol to prevail, but to comply with the Associations politically independent commitment, if required Silvana would step down from the CRA Committee.