Decision of the Fiscalia to open criminal proceedings on Camposol

Coverage of the Prosecutor story from the two biggest regional newspapers,
La Verdad and La Opinión . The translation is shown below.

La Verdad 30/05/2018

The Public Prosecutor opens proceedings for the second time on the processing of Camposol

The investigation was initiated by the documentation submitted by the Territorial Policy Committee of the Regional Assembly.

The Camposol urbanisation is once again the target of the prosecutor’s office. A file was previously opened in February 2016, to clarify whether there was an urban crime and an alleged scam for the damage suffered to the structure of 550 houses for having channelled and built on the Rambla de los Aznares. On that occasion, the process was eventually filed by the limitation of the facts. Two years and three months later, the documentation provided by the Committee on Territorial Policy of the Assembly has motivated the Public Ministry, for the second time, open investigations around this urbanisation in Mazarrón where 5,200 people reside.

The Report that was set up in the Regional Parliament began to investigate the development of the urbanisation in October 2015 and the conclusions document drawn up in March 2018 by the political groups has led the Public Prosecutor to inform the Assembly of the opening of “Criminal investigation proceedings” around “the urban development” of Camposol. The Mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jiménez, said yesterday that “this does not make us nervous” because in the previous process ” the documentation that we were asked for, was provided”.

The PP Mayoress confirmed that the matter is already in the hands of the municipal legal services because it does not agree with part of the documentation provided by the parliamentary groups. “There are issues that are not well-focused or well drafted by the Regional Assembly”.

The Mayoress regrets “that there are issues that are not well focused by the (Regional) Parliament”

On the other hand, the Deputy of the PP Víctor Martínez Carrasco positively valued the opening of proceedings to verify responsibilities and it was important to point out that in the processing of Camposol “all are responsible, some for generating the problem and others for not reacting”.

Martínez Carrasco noted as the “principal responsibility for this lies with the promoter” and also pointed to the various government teams that have passed through the Town Council, former Regional executives run by the PP and the Confederation Segura Hydrographic. “The confederation did not do any inspection work,” he pointed out.

For Ciudadanos, the Parliamentarian Luis Fernandez went a little further and aimed at alleged crimes of fraud and corruption in the planning and construction of the urbanisation. ‘ In the Committee of the Regional Assembly we believe that there are criminal referrals and we expect the prosecution to confirm responsibilities’.

Along same line of the alleged offences of corruption and falsification of documents, it was pointed out by the PSRM Deputy Joaquín López. “We believe that there is criminal responsibility.” Lopez summed up that “what has happened is an outrage.”

No news from the Promoter

The Podemos Deputy, María Giménez stated that the opening of a judicial investigation is the result of “an irregularity and abdication of the administrations”. Giménez stressed that the step taken by the prosecution is very positive after the work of the Assembly, who have heard evidence from technicians, politicians… associated with the processing of Camposol”.

The only ones who did not respond to the summons of the parliamentarians were the owners of the developer Justo y Manoli. The last thing we heard is that they were in the hands of the Official Receivers.

La Opinion 30/05/2018

The Office of the Prosecutor opened proceedings for negligence in the Camposol Urbanisation

All political groups concluded that there were irregularities on the part of the Town Council, the Regional Authority and the CHS

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office has opened proceedings to investigate negligence in the urban development of the Camposol urbanisation in Mazarrón, reports the SER news chain.

The Regional Assembly referred the conclusions drawn up by the parliamentary groups following the Report to analyse the urban development of the urbanisation to the Public Prosecutor’s office. This was included in the conclusions and proposals drafted by the regional members and reported after the approval of the Regional Deputies, as was intended after approval for the commission’s report, which was passed to the Plenary meeting to be approved definitively.

In addition, the report was also referred to the Court of Auditors and the affected administrations, as reported by the Socialist Alfonso Martínez. The member of the PSOE has highlighted that in the conclusions it appears that the Town Council of Mazarrón, the Regional Authority and the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) were “negligent” in the urban development of Camposol.
In that sense, he continued, we propose that the three administrations need to discuss finding a solution to the problem that affects some 5,000 homeowners. “Persons who have committed negligence must assume responsibility; There has been property damage”, the socialist exposed.

The Deputy of Podemos, Maria Giménez recalled that the Report has been active for two years in which there has been “intense work”, pointing at the consensus that they have obtained to approve the conclusions. Giménez revealed that they ask for “speed” so that this type of situation does not happen again. “Let’s hope that the homeowners have one more supporter and that the Public Prosecutor’s office opens the appropriate judicial proceedings “, she added.

The PP Deputy, Víctor Martínez Carrasco, meanwhile, aimed at the promoter as the “main culprit” for what happened in the urbanisation of Camposol. In his view, the ruling was “lacking”, since the promoter did not appear in committee. “It is difficult for us to determine the level of responsibility of the parties,” he said, stating that with the current legislation it is “very difficult” to repeat such acts.

Ciudadanos referred to “the clear responsibility of the Town Council of Mazarrón, the Regional Government and the Central Government, through the Hydrographic Confederation of the Segura, in the situation of the Camposol urbanisation, a responsibility which in some cases has been by action and in others by omission”.

Fernandez recalled that there are 3,740 homes that do not have a first-occupancy licence, and many of them in sectors B C D and F are not legal. “The streets are full of holes and do not have public lighting and in addition, more than 700 houses were built without a licence of works.”