It has been brought to the CRA’s attention that historical Property tax (IBI) demands have been raised against some properties which experienced delays in Escritura (Deed) acquisition, these have covered periods of up to ten years and date back as far as 2003, currently the CRA have only been made aware of the situation by homeowners who have been notified by third party advisors, official documentation is still awaited.

(Update 05/06/2018) Official Invoices have now been seen by the CRA, homeowners with possible exposure to these backdated invoices should make immediate enquiries as explained below, this is important as interest is being added, currently properties on D23 and D32 have reported this issue, but it could affect other areas and properties.

It may be prudent for any homeowner whose property has experienced a delay in acquiring escritura, even if some back payment was made, to check for any outstanding amounts through legal advisors or directly with the Hacienda y Recaudación office situated behind the Town Hall, address, 3 Calle General Gómez Jordana, Mazarrón, 30870. open 9.00am to 2.00pm Monday to Friday, Tel 968 021 131.

This alert will be updated as more information becomes available.