Dear All

I am hoping that this Newsletter will be read by all Camposol residents and not just members. According to our records and the numbers held by the Town Hall for residents on the Padron we have with our membership figure of 1092 approximately between 25-30% of Camposol residents in our grouping. The Town Hall are looking to hold a round table meeting of Camposol groups to discuss the way forward. We have asked the Town Hall for a list of those membership groups. Whilst we are not opposed to the idea it was not one of the proposals mentioned in the Regional Commissions Report. We feel that it is a watering down of what should happen and is a possible ploy by the Town Hall to either stone wall or avoid their obligations mentioned in the report.

Camposol has been split over a number of years by political groups or persons who want to continue with the status quo, whilst this suits some people’s agenda it does not suit others especially those who can see problems not being resolved and situations getting worse.

Currently Silvana Buxton, the political representative on the Council is handling 400 emails a month dealing with issues big and small which need resolving. This is not a satisfactory state of affairs and I imagine is putting Silvana under tremendous stress working within a coalition. At best she’s trying her hardest to get things done in a politically charged atmosphere where money is scarce and willingness on the part of other politicians un-cooperative at best.

The CRA committee team is in the process of adding a few more members but we need to go through a registration process before I can name them. This year’s AGM is going to be problematic also until we get clarity from the authorities on how we can hold it.

THE CRA did have a meeting with the Mayor Gaspar and Mrs Buxton hence one of the reasons for this newsletter. We have also had meetings with two organisations who have been dealing with similar problems and as a result we have established two working relationships which could prove very beneficial.

We are going back to the Region to get clarity with regards to the Regional Commissions Report.

What follows below is the English translation of the letter to the Mayor of Mazarron;- 

Dear Gaspar 19th August 2020

                     As a follow up to your meeting with the Camposol Residents Association, I wish to draw your attention to what the CRA Committee and its members would like the Town Hall to do and which the Town Hall have chosen to ignore for the past 15 years or more.

The Regional Commission Report explains it all and if memory serves me right you were involved in the process along with me, other members of the CRA committee and Murcia Transparente (The anti-corruption agency). The report was produced by the political parties involved at regional level. That report took over 2 years of interviews and meetings and explains the situation of Camposol and how all parties were involved and failed in the execution of their duties causing a massive fraud against the residents of Camposol.

I and my committee were both surprised and upset to hear you say that was history and the report had no binding resolutions going forward. We were also shocked to hear that the round table, despite being approved by the Town Hall in a plenary session in 2019 and in the regional report was not going ahead. Although you had invited the Region and CHS to send representatives to attend they had failed to respond. Furthermore you were heard to say that they would not be prepared to send representatives to Mazarron to discuss any solutions to an English speaking group needing to use a Spanish Translator.

My committee or most of the members, were of the opinion that the Regional Assembly Report was a set of instructions for the Town Hall to follow and that we simply had to agree timescales and work schedules etc, etc . We had not anticipated that this was going to be the stance you and the Town Hall would be taking and that it was going to be nothing more than a discussion document. As a result we shall be seeking clarification from the Regional Assembly.

The above does not paint a pretty picture of a co-operative Town Council. You also never responded to our request to see projects, budgets and time scales which we requested giving you 28 days.

The Councillor for Camposol and Foreign residents is regularly inundated with requests to fix problems on Camposol and I believe, in her own words she receives approximately 400 emails a month which illustrates the magnitude of problems on Camposol.

In your own words you stated you did not know what the CRA wanted and offered a round table meeting of all groups on Camposol and providing them the opportunity to send representatives to attend the meeting. The first meeting to be held in September. The only group operating on Camposol representing any residents is the CRA with a membership of 1091. The only other grouping was CDIP, the political party, which has now been mothballed so could you please advise what other groups you had in mind.

I would also like to point out that members of the Camposol Residents Committee are all very experienced Captains of Industry although retired, we know when we are being stonewalled.

For the sake of clarity, we would be grateful if you are able to reply to the specific questions listed below, by the 18th of September 2020, in order that we can plan our next actions effectively, notwithstanding we will in any event consult the Region for clarification.

  1. Are you able to confirm that what you said at the meeting, about the Regional Commission Report being only advisory is the position of the Ayuntamiento in relation to the report?
  2. Can you confirm who you invited to the initial meeting of the Round Table approved by the Town Hall plenary and date invitations were sent and whether there has been any follow up?
  3. Are you able to confirm that the Ayuntamiento is not proposing to take any action in respect of the 14 proposals made in the report?
  4. Are you able to confirm that there are no further plans to convene the round table referred to in the report?
  5. Are you able to confirm the composition and date of first meeting of the “Camposol” round table discussed at the meeting? N.B. The CRA welcomes this initiative and looks forward to participating providing it reviews the Regional Report and actions the proposals. 
  6. We have searched the Ayuntamiento website for the five-page list of repairs carried out by the Ayuntamiento, (referred to at the meeting). We cannot find it and would be grateful for sight of this.
  7. Mention was made at the meeting of progress being made in respect of the lighting on Camposol. Are you able to provide any update please?


Yours Sincerely

Phil Gelling


If you are not a member and wish to become one please go to our website and you will find instructions on how to join. The bigger the membership the greater the pressure to get things done.