Dear Member 

I hope this newsletter finds you in good health despite the various lockdowns that have been applied wherever you currently find yourselves.

The committee and myself appreciate that the local council has many problems to deal with as a result of the pandemic. However, we are disappointed in the lack of commitment and/or action on the major problems within the Camposol Urbanisation. The council meanwhile are working on issues in Mazarrón and the Port and one issue in particular is like rubbing salt into the wound for residents of Camposol. Yes, lighting.  The Council is replacing all the working lights with LED lighting whilst Camposol still remains in darkness with crumbling roads and pavements.

Myself and the committee are also disappointed with the coalition due to lack of communication and no movement on the Regional recommendations. One recommendation in particular. which we have already signed up to is the Round Table. This consists of  Regional representation, CHS representation, Town Hall representation. and the CRA agreeing on proposals to fix all the urbanisations problems. There have been no meetings to discuss the problems of Camposol despite the fact an agreement was accepted in an ordinary Plenary session of the Town Hall on August 27th 2019.

We have reason to believe the coalition is not working the way we would have hoped but not surprising when the coalition has a former Mayor of Mazarrón controlling urbanismo. Our Councillor for International Relations is currently dealing with an average of 30 emails a day and is doing her best to complete the many requests being made of her time. Unfortunately the bigger ticket items are being ignored. We are proposing to send an open letter to the Mayor in the hope that we can get a commitment in writing and appropriately funded.


A copy of that letter follows;-


Dear Gaspar

I am writing to you on behalf of the Camposol Residents Association and its members to find out whether you are going to comply with the Regional Commission report and the 14 proposals which were agreed in March 2018. So far we have had absolutely no progress on the issues identified other than the promise of a budget of €2 million to be spent over 4 years fixing as yet an unidentified number of projects, as well as the main dual carriageway, street lighting and providing some parks.

We as residents have endured 18 years of false promises and beginnings whilst all sorts of fraudulent activities have continued unabated under the very noses of the organisations which should have been making sure that everything was done within legal constraints, as supported by the Regional Commission Report.

The budget set aside for fixing the many issues on Camposol is an insult, when you consider the volume of issues, demographics of the population, and the problems being endured by the residents.

Furthermore you are asking the residents to comply with the legal status of the deeds they have in their possession, yet you wish to ignore the legal responsibilities of the Council which were blatantly ignored during the building of the urbanisation and are still being ignored now.

We put you on notice that we wish to know whether and when you are going to comply with the proposals from the Regional Report, and we would like confirmation within the next 28 days as to the Councils plans and commitment in writing providing dates, projects and budget.

We will definitely be taking further action if we do not receive a satisfactory response which takes into account that Camposol as an urbanisation is incomplete. The multi-national mix of residents have been defrauded on a long term basis and their health and safety has been completely ignored for years, due to unsatisfactory sanitation and is continuing with poor infrastructure such as crumbling roads, pavements and inadequate street lighting.

Yours respectfully

Phillip Gelling

President of the Camposol Residents Association.
The committee and I need your support for this letter to be sent and for the letter to represent the feelings of the membership so please advise whether you are in agreement or wish us to take a different course of action. Our membership currently stands at 1071 and it would be heart-warming to receive positive backing. There are options open to us and they will not cost the membership anything.


Please respond to our email address: –


Thank you for taking your time to read this lengthy newsletter.


Yours sincerely


Phillip Gelling