Present:  Chairman, Phil Gelling (PG)
Colin Barton (CB); Gordon Cockburn (GC): Derek Gormley (DG); Rob Humphreys (RH); John McCracken
(JM); Jayne Miller (CJM); Dave Redford (DR); David Shackleford (DS)

1. Apologies for Absence :
None received – all members present

2. Minutes of the Meeting held 14 October 2019 were accepted and duly signed.

3. Matters Arising
None arising not covered by the agenda.

4. Roads and General Police Attendance
Police been busy and residents had been complaining as well as praising – all in all a general improvement.

5. Communities of Owners
RH commented there were still a lot of questions being raised – many on FB say they may have to accept
the precept of CoOs but not until the urbanisation is complete. Linda Biggs school of thought is that no one should pay anything!! TH/Silvana view is that we will have to put up with it – whether, at the time of purchase, a property was in construction or finished the Escrituras were worded accordingly. GC tried to give the comparison with the vertical communities of owners, which was difficult to comprehend. General discussion continued – all valid points reiterating how complicated it is to arrive at a viewpoint to express on the website which would not be misleading in any way.

PG advised he was awaiting completed version, signed by all parties, of the document which confirms CRA as part of the Round Table (RT). Confirmation of the start date also awaited. Contributants are the Region, the Ayuntamiento, CHS and CRA The last representing Camposol in general. This refers back to decisions taken by CRA in February 2018 and recommendations to follow the Spanish Constitution. Obviously the CRA should be involved, however, TH may have pre-envisaged outcomes. Recommendations on the draft document, which he has, number six and there should be another 8 or so.

It has been stated that it is not possible to solve all problems affecting people of Camposol although through the Round Table all will pull together to do their best to resolve outstanding issues. Article 206 defines all the rules and regimental issues the council has to follow in accordance with Spanish Constitution – things the Council can and cannot do (over 200 clauses). This is applicable ALL communities and the Council cannot escape these regulations.

If the Council attempt to renegade – CRA will look at taking the problems to EU – but TH must be given
opportunity to respond and act positively. Ideally, CRA must put suggestions on the table as to how the
urbanisation could be finished.

It is imperative to obtain good legal advice. PG has contact with a lady who has followed a course in EU
law; JM has identified lists of specialists in the various aspects of relevant statutes; RH also recommended
a lawyer in Algeciras. Thus JM and RH both had options of lawyers with relevant expertise – to liaise in
respect of choosing an abogado, to request quotes and initial advice.

All concurred with requesting a lawyer to attend a meeting – JM to co-ordinate questions to pose – for
example how wide scoping is the horizontal/vertical law.

DS queried how the Council anticipate co-ordinating the CoOs, considering the numbers of poligonos.
It would be necessary to closely monitor progress of the RT, offering our opinions. It is important to show
that CRA has investigated all options before an approach to the EU. At which time we could take an option
of being insular, with an unique cultural position with which to request our own community, as a township.

6. Membership
GC confirmed the database had been reviewed and the total current number of members stood at 790.
The number of members 5 years ago was over 3000 but due to people leaving Camposol, passing away or resigning and due to an audit, which has taken over two years to complete because of poor record-keeping, this figure we feel is a more accurate state of membership. Whilst the CRA purports to represent only its members, by default any benefits accrued for the membership will also be passed on to other residents. Whilst membership is free it would be in every residents interest to sign up and get involved in current activity.

7. Future Initiatives

Crisis team initiative had not been pursued, also in this last month the opportunity for ‘Campobus’ had
been lost.

Discussion covered consideration of spare areas of land suitable for developing a public amenity – Paul has sent large map showing original areas owned by Mercer but difficult to identify what may be available. DS to approach golf club (who had not been very flexible in the past) to see if they would assist. It was noted that it may be necessary to employ solicitor to identify the legal position. There was a possibility regarding the land on C designated as football field, however it was believed to have been purchased by owners of the hotel.

8. Assets – Archived Data
PG had some key fobs and some card holders, ready to pass out, together with numbered membership
cards – little else remained other than the broken filing cabinet. The laminator seemed to be in working
order and it was agreed to hand this to JM at no charge, in some recompense for his work in investigating
legal issues.

9. Spanish Classes
Classes started administratively last week – 10am and 11am for two levels of beginners and a class of seven, at an intermediate level, at noon. Numbers of beginners overwhelming – 36 applied, 27 logged in and it is anticipated some will fall by the way.

10. Mayoral Meetings
Meeting with the mayor will probably will be at the Round Table, rather than one on one. Spanish speaker to be sought to assist, rather than rely on Silvana, in order to ensure Impartiality.

11. Issues from Gardening Groups
CB reminded of the project in respect of the land behind Trevi. This had not been done because of the rains. Prior to finishing with gravel Silvana was endeavouring to establish ownership of the land, but nevertheless trying to get holes filled in but not to expend money for gravel.

Growth on central reservations and islands on D had been cut back, despite being public roads, and despite recommendation from Silvana to wait until the council do it. Road repairs seem to have stopped for the most part but urgent issues will be dealt with. C have purchased a used container for storage.

12. Any Other Business

12.1. British Consulate Pop-ups
Along with other groups, CRA has advertised the pop up at Consum on 13 November. CRA had no issues to raise, indeed on a similar occasion previously they had no time to speak to us. It was a matter of concern that advice given previously had been incorrect.

12.2. Taxi Service
Problems of taxi services had been raised on many occasions. The recent enquiry had been from someone working in Alhama but with no licence for Mazarrón. It had been explained that Mazarrón has licensed only local drivers who always insist that travellers to Camposol will have to pay for a 2-way trip to Camposol, which proves very expensive. In many instances this leaves residents and visitors using illegal (unlicensed) options. The only route is to follow the course recommended by Silvana – to complete modulo 01 to apply for a licence. However this is unlikely to be approved.

12.3. Email Silvana
Any informative comments must be shared but care should be taken to avoid contentious issues and any accusations of partiality. Noticeboards in Cultural centre and Consum not available at this time for notices.

12.4. Round Table, proposed by TH
Generally discussed under item 5 above. RT approved at council meeting in September and still in process of setting up Region, Town Hall, CHS and CRA. Paul considers it will not happen! Will consider recommendations of the Commission Report – copy requested from Silvana ultimately to be uploaded to website.

Many things included in the findings have not been done, all these items highlighted. CRA took part in the processes, in that many were embarrassed by not understanding when actions had or had not taken place and how much the CHS and Region had failed to control. This was mirrored by TH and architects failing in control – the architect etc had all been fined.

The document had been put into court but refused on ‘out of time’, but the question has to be raised on appeal process since this was inaccurate.

12.5. Strategy
RH – Linda Biggs has already expressed doubt about CRA acting on behalf of all residents – however, as above CRA is only organisation to represent residents since any benefits we obtain will affect all, irrespective of membership. It was suggested to have a table alongside British Consul on Wednesday at Consum, to sign up membership.

No further issues to discuss

12.6. Governance of CRA
RH commented that he circulates many emails and comments from FB and website, requesting comment. He feels he does need support from all committee members and responses must be returned. PG confirmed this was quite correct and all must be more committed to a joint effort. Members of the committee must also follow up on tasks assigned during meetings – eg JM formulating questions for abogado.

There was no ‘quorum’ as to numbers needed for decision or responses to enquiries. Responsibilities on the Committee were for different areas – Membership, Treasurer, Secretary, Web Hosting, representing gardening groups etc. Representatives of gardening groups had an equal responsibility, as residents, to contribute to decisions for CRA.

12.6.1. Registration of new Committee
Email sent to Tina again, following up on email sent in July, enquiring what we need to do confirm new personnel of the Committee – and does she wish to continue to represent us.

Meeting closed 16.15