Minutes of CRA Committee meeting

Saturday 17th February 2018, 11am,

Cultural Centre

The meeting opened at 11am

1. Attendees: Phil Gelling, President (PG)

Silvana Buxton, Vice-president (SB)

Geoffrey Buxton, Secretary (GB)

Maite Gómez, Treasurer (MG)

Allyson Ingamell, Membership secretary (AI)

Simon Mellor, Committee member (SM)

Peter Pont, Committee member (PP)

Paul Drury, invited guest (PD)

2. Apologies for absence: Paul Cassidy, Committee member (PC)

3. Minutes of previous meeting: Approved

4. Points arising from previous meeting:

a) Membership update: PG to remove from the register approx. 500

members who did not respond to AI’s enquiry regarding their

ongoing membership PG

b) Website update: It was agreed that the CRA would discuss with

Laurence of Murcia Today the set-up of a new website at a cost

of approx.. 800€. Awaiting Laurence to contact either PG or SB PG/SB

c) Viability of Camposol Lobby Group – PD advised that it is getting

more and more important to ensure that Camposol has a voice

through a Pressure Group. SB to enquire with MT if they are

registered and if they can advise on how to register. SB

d) Spanish speaking support – ongoing as part of contingency planning.

e) Presentation of rambla project – Alfonso Baños, Spokesman for the

Working Commission, agreed to come to Camposol to address a

meeting on the nearly-certain re-direction route of the rambla.

An open meeting was set up for the 26th January attended by

over 100 residents. Regrettably Alfonso was called to an emergency

meeting and could not attend. He re-scheduled his meeting for

Wednesday 31st January. In his absence, the CRA committee presented

the latest option ear-marked for the re-direction of the rambla and

undertook to inform the residents of any further news of interest,

following the meeting with Alfonso.

At the meeting on the 31st January were in attendance Alfonso,

Salvador Aznar (MT),   CRA committee members (PG,SB,MG,SM,GB) and Zoe

Cooper of Murcia Today.  An update on the meeting was published

by the Chairman in a newsletter.

f) Payment to John McCraken of 85€ for access to Empresas website.

PG reported that JMcC was continuing his investigations into the dubious activities of certain companies linked with MASA and he sought the

committee’s opinion on ‘what to do next’. The committee unanimously

agreed that a maximum of 85€ could be paid to JMcC, which, MG said

had not been paid yet because JMcC had not replied to her emails

requesting clarifications. The committee also agreed that JMcC should

submit to committee any further costs BEFORE spending any money for

which he requires re-imbursement.

The committee was in agreement that any findings could be passed on

to Transparency International, or possibly to Transparencia España.

PD to supply website address. PD

g) Sale of Sector F at JyM Bankrupcy Auction – SB sent an email to

the Spokesman of the Working Commission, Alfonso Baños, regarding

the possibility of dubious activities having taken place in the Auction

sale of sector F.  Alfonso replied that only a specialist lawyer can assist

in such matters and he reiterated this information at the meeting on

the 31st January.

At today’s meeting PD stated that the name of the purchaser of

Sector F will not be known until the Courts have completed the

ownership documents.

h) CRA New Year Lunch – This took place on the 20th January at Los Balcones

Restaurant. The lunch included CRA committee members and members of the Support team.

i) Meeting between MT (CRA) and the Mayoress. An official request for the

Correspondence indicated in the previous minutes was presented to the

Town Hall on the 17th January 2018. To date no reply has been received.

j) Donation to MT – MG reported that a donation of 500€ was sent to MT.

k) Update of documentation held in the Cabin. – PD offered to help with

Documenting an inventory of contents held in the cabin. PG to contact Elaine Roberts to assist.                                                       PG/PD

l) List of Committee members and Support team – This was not

discussed, but in view of only a minority replies received, SB will

contact again those who did not reply. SB

5. Facebook page – Following a discussion it was agreed that this would

not be necessary in view of the website being up and running in the

(hopefully) imminent future.

6. Decision on website – covered on b) above

7. Renewal of ‘cargo’ for bank signatories at La Caixa – MG informed the

existing bank signatories of the expiry dates of their appointment, and

stated that all 3 signatories should consolidate the expiry date of their

appointment as signatories. For this an EGM would be necessary, and

a provisional date was set for the 13th October 2018. In the meantime

PG should go to the bank and present his ID documents for update

before the 23rd November.  PG agreed PG

8. Conclusion of meeting with the Guardia Civil – MG/PG and a representative

of ‘D sector Security group’ David Hemmings attended a meeting with the G.C. on Tuesday 13th  February . MG and PG reported that it had been a very useful meeting and PG reported that the ‘security group’ was holding an open meeting on Monday

19th February to spread the information received.

MG reported that, as there are legally registered and legally operative

‘Security Agency Groups’ in Camposol, but the G.C. Teniente warned that it

is illegal for group of residents patrolling the streets in Camposol to call

themselves ‘Security Groups’.  The Teniente further emphasized the

importance of reporting any suspicious activity by completing a Denuncia

at the G.C. office in the Puerto.

SM raised the issue of the language barrier and PG suggested providing a

Template with all the personal details of the person presenting the denuncia

in order to facilitate and expedite the G.C. paperwork, but it must be

made clear that the person presenting the denuncia must go in person to

the G.C. accompanied by an interpreter if necessary.

MG added that the Teniente was agreeable to a meeting with the residents

and a provisional date has been set for the 15th May.

Confirmation to follow nearer the time.  MG

9. Possible/probable outcome of the Regional Assembly vote and how the

resulting impact is handled. – PD presented a very comprehensive report

on possible outcomes and contingency measures, if at the Regional

Assembly meeting in early March, the vote is to approve the Working

Commission’s recommendation that the Region takes over the

completion and repair of Camposol, PD suggested that steps should be


It was agreed that SB should contact the Spokesman for the

Working Commission and make enquiries on the procedure that will

follow the vote, including communication/liason with the relevant

departments within the Regional Authority involved in the planning

and execution of the work and on the re-establishment of the

El Saladillo/Camposol Pedanía. SB

10. A.O.B. –

a) Cabin maintenance – PG reported that the CRA cabin is in need of

maintenance. MG offered to obtain a quote from a Spanish contact. MG

b) Filing inventory – see point k) above PG/PD

c) Keys to the Cultural Centre – SB reported that following a great deal

of pressure on the Town Hall, every Association could go and collect

a new set of keys at the Town Hall, on Monday 19th. SB to go and

collect 2 sets (for PG and SB) SB

d) Correos situation – SB reported that she contacted the Correo’s boss

In Mazarron’s main Post Office, and she has an appointment for

Monday morning, for an update on the ‘correo’s situation. SB

e) Purchase of new printer – SB recently requested permission to purchase

a new printer to replace her old one which she has been using since

2015 for printing a vast number of reports from many Agencies, and

since September 2017 she has been printing a multitude of handouts

for an average of 100 students who joined her Spanish classes (with

an income of between 200€ and 250€ per week, when running, for

the CRA). Following comments from Committee members suggesting

various options, she opted for the purchase of a personal laser printer

which she will continue to use for CRA work and for Spanish classes.

The meeting closed at 1pm.

Date of next Committee meeting: Saturday 17th March 2018