Attendees: ​Phil Gelling, Chairman (PG)
​​Silvana Buxton, Vice-Chairman (SB)
​​Maite Gómez, Treasurer (MG)
​​Allyson Ingamell, Membership secretary (AI)
​​Geof Buxton, Committee member (GB)

The meeting opened at 11.15am

1. Minutes of previous meeting

2. Points arising from previous meeting

3. Website update
The Chairman reported that only a few minor modifications are now required to the new website, such as lettering on background. He expressed the view that a second committee member should be familiar with the operational side of the website, as back-up to Phil. Allyson agreed to take on this task, and will work with Phil on this. Unanimous vote. For information, the website provider is M.W.IT Services, Sector A (above Tel’s bar)​​​​​​PG/AI

4. Membership update
Allyson reported that her work is continuing in updating the database. She is now 2/3 of the way through the 3000 members’ names. So far 126 have been deleted, and 210 without contact details will be archived. Her thankless task continues … thank you Allyson.​​​​AI

5. Secretary’s resignation and new appointment
Our previous secretary William Pryor has resigned for health reasons. The Committee would like to thank Bill for his contribution to the Association, and wish him a speedy recovery.
Geof Buxton was nominated as secretary and he accepted the post. Unanimous vote.

6. Mission statement
The Chairman will soon complete the Mission statement and will circulate it to the Committee for approval. ​​​​​​​​​​​PG

7. Legal action update
No news at this stage, however our lawyer, Jose Luis, assured us that he will keep us informed of any progress. The correct number of claimants is 123, and not 73 as reported on a regional newspaper article.

8. Correos update
Silvana contacted Paqui on her return from holiday, and was informed that the Town Hall had agreed to provide the boxes. Silvana asked for the CRA to be consulted before they are installed, to agree location, administration and security in order to avoid vandalism as happened to the existing boxes located in sectors B and C.

9. Communication with Mark Paddon
Phil reported that Mark is unable to assist at this stage, but he would give Phil a contact name who may be able to help. In the meantime, Silvana has approached Miguel Narea (Tina’s contact) who will discuss our needs with JL – he will then contact Silvana to arrange a visit to the urbanisation.

10. Communication with AUAN / SOCA
Phil reported that, having spoken with AUAN and other organisations, it seems that only SOCA have the experience and the knowledge useful to our situation. He will endeavour to arrange for a SOCA representative to attend a meeting with the Committee. ​​​​​PG

11. Bank signatories
It was agreed that, as new secretary, Geof Buxton should also be bank signatory. Maite and Geof will go to La Caixa, to make the necessary arrangements.​​​​​MG/GB

12. Feedback on Assembly meetings
Silvana produced notes on the two meetings held at the Assembly building in Cartagena on 8th and 15th March. They are being circulated as newsletter-addendum​​​​​PG

13. Contact with Zoe, Murcia Today
Silvana agreed to keep in touch with Zoe with news of interest. She emailed Zoe the Camposol report presented to the regional Assembly in May 2016, and the notes of the recently attended Assembly meetings. Zoe asked for a statement from the CRA. Phil agreed to draft one. ​​PG

14. CRA telephone
The CRA telephone line has been discontinued. At the moment, any CRA communication can be done via email addresses.

15. Sponsors appearing on CRA literature
Phil agreed to contact all previous sponsors and clarify the sponsorship situation​​​PG

16. Date of next meeting
8th April 2017, 11am at the Cultural Centre

The meeting closed at 1pm