Attendees: ​Phil Gelling, Chairman (PG)
​​Silvana Buxton, Vice-Chairman (SB)
​​Geof Buxton, Secretary (GB)
​​Maite Gómez, Treasurer (MG)
​​Allyson Ingamell, Membership secretary (AI)
​​Simon Mellor, Committee member (SM)
​​Paul Cassidy, Committee member (PC)

The meeting opened at 11:00am

1. Apologies for absence
No absences

2. Minutes of previous meeting

3. Points arising from previous meeting
Point 5. PG reported on the August Newsletter the outcome of said meeting with Town Hall and British Consulate
Point 6. See point 10. of present meeting
Point 10. In view of CDiP’s recent publications, any plan to work with them was abandoned.
Point 11/b. SB reported that a meeting took place on 14/7, between the Spokesman for the Regional Working Commission and representatives of the CRA Committee. The ‘sewage in the rambla’ issue was satisfactorily concluded with the intervention of SEPRONA.

4. Agreement of revised AGM date
The date for the next AGM was unanimously agreed as being 21st January 2018.

5. Treasurer’s report.
MG provided information on the July-September accounts (enclosed). It was agreed that the treasurer will present the CRA Accounts to the Auditors in the first week of January 2018.

6. Membership update
AI reported that approx. 1200 records had been updated. PG stated that there are membership forms in the Cabin which may assist AI in the task of completing the process. PG to liaise with AI​​​​​​​PG/AI

7. CRA Spanish classes update
SB reported that a total of 50+ people had joined, but many requested more learning levels. In consultation with PG, SB decided to offer 4 levels of learning (2 classes on Wednesday afternoons and 2 classes on Thursday morning), from 25/10/17 to 14/6/2018.

8. Update on denuncia for collapse of C/Aljibe, bridge, and general deterioration of the urbanisation.
SB reported that the Guardia Civil advised to pursue such denuncia through a lawyer, as it is a ‘civil’ matter and it si therefore out of their jurisdiction.

9. As a result of point 8. SB arranged a meeting between the CRA Committee and ‘Martinez Arquitectos’ on 19/9, to try and pursue the route originally suggested by our lawyer.

10. Meeting with Maura Hillen
PG reported that he will arrange a meeting with Maura in the near future, now that the summer holidays are over.​​​​​​​​PG

11. Financial contribution to MT online newspaper
Following a brief discussion, it was unanimously agreed that a contribution could be made on a monthly basis, according to any articles submitted for publication in each month. SB to inform MT​​​​​​​​SB

12. Yearly retainer for our Lawyer’s constant availability
After a brief discussion it was agreed that SB should ask Antonio (MT)’s advice on the matter.​​​​​​​​​​SB

13. Request for Police presence in Camposol – update
SB reported that she was still waiting for either Laura Ortiz Vera or Isabel María López Sánchez to make contact, as a result of messages SB has left with the TH.

14. Termination of Mr Pitt and Mr Finnegan membership to the CRA
After a brief discussion and a vote, it was unanimously agreed to terminate Mr Pitt’s and Mr Finnegan’s membership to the CRA, in view of the CDiP’s (which they represent) defamatory publications. GB to open a file and prepare a letter to be approved by the Committee, and sent by the Chairman to both gentlemen, asking them to attend a meeting to state their case, before the decision is carried out.​​GB/PG

15. AOB
Website – PG reported that the website should be up and running in the next few days.
Telephone number on CRA letterhead – This is obsolete and is to be removed​PG

16. Date of next CRA Committee Meeting: 21st October 2017, at 11am