Present: ​Phil Gelling, Chairman (PG)
​​Silvana Buxton, Vice-Chairman (SB)
​​Geof Buxton, Secretary (GB)
​​Allyson Ingamells, Membership Secretary (AI)

1. Apologies for absence: Maite Gomez (MG), Paul Cassidy (PC), John Mellor (JM)

2. Minute of previous meetings : approved

3. New Committee member: The Committee welcomes John Mellor, who was proposed by Phil Gelling and seconded by Silvana Buxton. John does not reside permanently in Camposol and therefore regrets that he was unable to attend today.

4. Treasurer’s quarterly report. MG was unable to attend. She emailed the quarterly report figures to the Committee and PG presented the report which was approved unanimously. The Committee also agreed to ask MG to prepare the yearly accounts’ report (1st October 2016- 30th September 2017) and submit them to Asesoría El Pilar in early October, for auditing. The Audited accounts should then be ready to be presented at the AGM on 18th November 2017.

5. Chairman report on meeting with Town Hall and British Consulate
PG reported that MG and himself attended the meeting at the Town Hall, arranged by Sarah-Jane Morris of the British Consulate in order to discuss with the Mayoress and the CRA the major issues affecting Camposol. The CRA had prepared a list of issues for discussion, to include: a) the failed promises made by the Mayoress on her election manifesto; b) the worsening situation of the Cultural Centre; 3) the request for an update on the ‘Correos’ situation, with some proposals; 4) the sewage situation in Camposol, but at the meeting the Consul seemed to focus mainly on Camposol having to establish an ENTITY. PG will issue a more comprehensive report on the meeting​​​​​PG

6. Planned meeting with AUAN
PG will continue to try and arrange a meeting with Maura and Ronnie​​​PG

7. Vice-Chairman report on current Legal Action
SB reported that the Judge in the Totana Court had completed her examination of the case and has ordered that the Bankruptcy Administration of Justo y Manoli, theTown Hall of Mazarrón and the CHS provide the required documentation for the appropriate investigations to begin. SB has informed the claimants involved in the lawsuit, adding that this is excellent news as the Judge’s orders cannot be ignored, disputed or opposed.

8. Fiesta advert and recruitment
PG reported that the ‘recruitment’ advert, which he previously submitted to the Committee for approval, has now been sent to the Fiesta Committee for inclusion in their advertising programme. The cost to the CRA is of 50€. This was unanimously approved.

9. Feedback from meeting with the Director General of the Water Ministry in Madrid.
The meeting, arranged by Murcia Transparente on behalf of the CRA, took place on the 10th July, and was attended by Salvador Aznar and Tina Ruiz as representatives of the CRA (PG, MG and SB were unable to attend) and Salvador Ros for MT. The reason for the meeting was to report at the highest regional level the lack of cooperation of the CHS in discussing with the CRA a viable solution to avoid a repeat of the 2014 floods, for the properties in the rambla of the Aznares. Newspaper coverage of the meeting is posted in the CRA Forum. SB, and possibly other Committee members, will meet with Tina in the coming week, for an update.

10. CDiP proposal
PG informed the Committee of a recent exchange of correspondence with the CDiP regarding the possibility of joining forces in addressing the problems in Camposol, and to explore their proposal to form an ENTITY, possibly leading to forming our own Municipality. The Committee welcomed the idea of working together, but PG requested that SB obtain an update from the Regional Working Commission, in order to provide accurate information at the first meeting with the CDiP, which he will arrange in due course.​​ SB/PG

11. A.O.B.
a) SB asked if MARTINEZ ARQUITECTOS should be contacted in order to obtain a basic report on the infrastructure issues of Camposol. PG replied that we should wait until we have spoken with AUAN.
b) Lack of working sewage facilities and raw sewage in the rambla – SB reported that a Working Commission spokesman will endeavour to visit Camposol in the near future. SB to re-contact Murcia Today, MT, and ‘Ecologistas en Acción’, to expose this unacceptable and dangerous situation and seek support for immediate action or contingency plans to be taken by the TH.​​​​​​​​​SB
c) PG reported that he had a meeting with Antonio (ex-Town Hall employee at the Cultural Centre), to discuss the possibility of Antonio organising social trips and activities for CRA members.

12. Date of next meeting: Saturday, 16th September, 11am, Cultural Centre.

The meeting closed at 12:50.