Held on SATURDAY 12th MAY 2018, 10:30am at the Social Centre
PRESENT: Silvana Buxton, Acting-Chairman (SB)
Geoffrey Buxton, Secretary (GB)
Maite Gómez, Treasurer (MG)
Simon Mellor, Website master (SM)
Peter Pont, Website support (PP)
Paul Drury, Communications (PD)
Helen White, Support team (HW)
Roger Crouch, Support Team (RG)
Bob Smith, Invited guest (BS)
Pat Smith, Invited guest (PS)

The meeting opened at 10:30am

WELCOME Bob and Pat Smith were welcomed, and it is hoped that they will join the CRA Team soon.

Paul Cassidy

MATTERS ARISING from meeting of 17/3/2018:
Viability of Lobby group – SB reported that an email was sent to Noella (noeliam.arroyo@carm.es) seeking information and advice, but no reply was received to date.
List of Committee members – SB reported that she is compiling a new list with the information provided by the Committee and the Support team. SB
Signatories at La Caixa – SB to enquire at La Caixa if the name of the previous chairman has now been removed, and for the names of the present nominees to be confirmed. SB
Possible outcome of Regional vote – SB stated that she had not yet received an answer to her request that a CRA representative be present at the Round-Table Commission. She will pursue the issue until a reply is received. SB
Correos situation – This was not discussed. To be added to the agenda for the next meeting GB
Repair works to the cabin – This is no longer necessary since it has been decided that the cabin will no longer be used by the Support team to receive members of the public. An alternative is being sought.
Organisation Chart – See item for discussion on this agenda
TH proposal of minor modifications to the rambla study – SB stated that this is correct, but to date there is no information on whether the TH has submitted these modifications to the CHS. SB to pursue the issue through the appropriate channels. SB
ORGANISATION CHART – SB stated that the previously circulated Organisation chart needs more tasks added. She circulated a draft paper, in which the Team present at the meeting can see the existing vacancies. SB will circulate it to the whole team, together with an updated list of Committee members’ telephone numbers and email addresses. SB also stated that she contacted the appropriate CARM office to confirm that any Committee changes are acceptable until the next AGM. SB
WEBSITE UPDATE – Following a discussion, it was agreed that the CRA should have a website provided and maintained by a professional, and the task was given to Laurence of Murcia Today. The website is now completed and the team responsible for its management (SM, PP, PD) have been trained. All the relevant information is being publicized to members and to the public. PD will also include it in the June article he is preparing for Costa Cálida Chronicle. Work is underway to upload as much information as deemed necessary. PP will act as the link between the CRA and the Voluntary Associations in Camposol and he will ensure that any information provided on future events, trips etc. will appear on the website, and will be deleted after the event has taken place. It was also mentioned that a list of USEFUL ADDRESSES should appear on the website. MG gave SM a list of questions regarding the website, which SM will endeavour to address. PD/PP/SM

ARRANGEMENTS and update of meeting with Gaspar Miras Lorente – Gaspar is our first point of contact between the CRA and the Region. A series of meetings has been arranged to ensure that the recommendations agreed at the Regional Assembly Pleno on 22/3/2018 are going to be acted upon. Our first meeting took place on 11/5/2018 in the presence of Gaspar, Pedro Guillermo (Mazarrón PSOE Councillor) and another colleague, and SB, GB, SM, PP, PD, MG representing the CRA. The decisions taken at the meeting were: 1) to write to the Regional Government seeking the CRA’s representation on the Commission being set up by the CHS, CARM and the Town Hall. 2) An on-site meeting with Aqualia to ascertain the exact extent of the works done and the work pending regarding the sewage/water treatment system, the timescale envisaged for the completion of the works, and the steps to be taken by the CRA should Aqualia’s response prove unacceptable. 3) Clarification on the situation regarding the Social Centre. Monthly meetings are provisionally arranged, unless it will be deemed necessary to meet more frequently.
INVITATION to Paul D and Eloy to join the Committee – It is with great pleasure that the CRA is welcoming Paul D, on the Committee as Communication Officer. Eloy declined to join officially, but he will continue to work in the background, for which the CRA is extremely grateful.
TREASURER’s quarterly report – MG informed the Committee of the financial position of the CRA to March 2018. Written extracts are enclosed and are available for viewing.
BANK signatories – It was agreed that SB would go to La Caixa in order to obtain updated information on this issue. SB
CABIN CLOSURE and alternative arrangements – In view of the precarious conditions of the cabin, and the real risk of fire expressed by some team members, SB made further enquiries and became acutely aware of the inexistence of the essential documentation and licences for its use, As a result of this, SB decided to close it down permanently. From the 30th May 2018 the CRA Drop-in team will be available at the Social Centre, between 11am and 1pm each Wednesday.
MANAGEMENT of Cultural Centre – This issue is being addressed by Gaspar with the Town Hall and a reply is expected soon.
MR SANCHEZ, SOLAR site update – Following a meeting between representative of the Committee and Mr Sanchez, it was unanimously agreed that the CRA cannot become involved in any promotional activity for any business enterprise. MG will contact Mr Sanchez and will inform him of the CRA decision. MG
MEMBERSHIP FEES/QUOTAS – The possibility of charging membership fees will be discussed as soon as the Committee has evaluated the implications of the new Legislation on Data Protection.
AOB – SECURITY meeting on 15/5/2018 with the Guardia Civil. Following MG’s involvement in assisting D Sector Gardening group with setting up a meeting with the Guardia Civil, in Camposol, this will now take place on the 15th May at 11:30 at Mariano’s.
JOB DESCRIPTIONS – The main requirements for Committee positions are clearly stated in the Constitution, and these are deemed to be sufficiently informative for prospective Committee members to identify their roles and responsibilities.
ASSET LIST – This is not deemed to be necessary at present, as the CRA is not in possession of assets of great value.
THE JOURNAL – SB confirmed that she has asked ‘The Journal’ to delete all obsolete information regarding the CRA which were still appearing in their magazine.
PPROGRESS ON RAMBLA STUDY – SB to ask the Regional Representative if the Town Hall has submitted to the CHS the modifications they wished to impose on the rambla re-direction, as stated some months ago.
PONENCIA to the Fiscalia – SB to ask the Regional Representative if the Report on Camposol has now been submitted to the Fiscalia, as stated in the Assembly meeting of 22/3/2018.
DATE of next meeting: 16th June 2018
The meeting closed at 1pm.