The meeting opened at 10:45
1. Present:​Silvana Buxton, Acting chairman (SB)
​​​Geoffrey Buxton, Secretary (GB)
​​​Maite Gómez, Treasurer (MG)
​​​Simon Mellor, Website master (SM)
​​​Peter Pont, Website support (PP)
​​​Paul Drury, Communications (PD)
​​​Elaine Roberts, (Drop-in Team coordinator) Invited guest, (ER)
​​​Bob Smith, Invited guest (BS)

2. Apologies for absence:​Allyson Ingamells (AI)
​​​​Paul Cassidy (PC)

3. Minutes of previous meeting:​Approved

4. Matters arising from meeting held on 12/5/2018:

​SB: SB circulated the updated list of Committee members and Team Volunteers on 9/6/2018

​SB: On the 16th May, SB verified the CRA authorised signatories with La Caixa; they are: ​Silvana Buxton, Maite Gómez and Geoffrey Buxton

​SB: Creation of round-table Commission – see Item 11 of the agenda

​SB: Correos situation – No progress reported to date

​SB: Proposed rambla modifications – no information received to date

5. Formal Proposal for Bob Smith to join the Committee, and registration of Paul Drury’s proposer and seconder
​Bob was proposed by Silvana Buxton, and seconded by Simon Mellor
​Paul was proposed by Geoffrey Buxton, and seconded by Silvana Buxton
6. Website update
​SM gave a brief description of the functioning of the website. To MG’s enquiry about the ​‘ARCHIVE’ facility, SM replied that it is automatically done on a monthly basis. SM suggested ​a weekly update of news to keep the membership interested; this was approved ​unanimously. ​SM further stated that the FAQ is slowly growing.
​BS suggested adding a PYM link to the database which he would monitor closely. This was ​agreed.
​PD suggested that news on Spanish classes should be posted on the website. SB to provide ​SM with details​​​​​​​​​SB

7. Programme for Membership Database. It was unanimously agreed that Laurence proposals should be accepted. AI to liaise with Laurence for the installation of the required programmes, and MG to provide Laurence with Paypal details.​​​​​AI /MG

​The issues of completion and secure processing/storage of membership forms, as well as ​distribution of membership cards were raised by ER. It was agreed that any membership forms ​completed by the Drop-in Team, ​would be collected by ER and delivered to AI by mutual ​arrangement. ER will notify the team of this arrangement. With regards to the membership ​cards, these would be completed by AI, and passed to ER at regular intervals for posting.
​ER to claim expenses from MG.​​​​​​​ER / AI

​It was further agreed that the Drop-in Service would not be available during the month of ​August. ER to inform the team.​SM to put on website​​​​ER / SM

8. Feedback on meeting with Gaspar on 8/6/2018. The meeting was attended by SB, GB, MG, PD, PP, ER, AI, BS on behalf of the CRA, and Gaspar accompanied by José. During a long 3-hour meeting, Gaspar confirmed that he and José had a site-meeting with Aqualia on 7/6/2018 and the functioning of the 4 pumping stations was confirmed. Gaspar will seek a meeting with ESAMUR (responsible for the Treatment Plant) to obtain confirmation that everything is connected and in working order.

Gaspar confirmed that Aqualia are responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the drinking water supply, and sewage disposal of the urbanisation, and he requested that the Committee report to him any information on any work left incomplete by Aqualia (pavements, kerbstones etc. not returned to their original state). PP volunteered to gather this information and bring it to the next Committee meeting.​​​​​​​PP

Gaspar mentioned that he didn’t have chance to visit the reservoir and water supply treatment plant on F sector with Aqualia and would do so soon and asked if a member or members of the Committee would accompany him.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
With regards to the use of the Social Centre, Gaspar will propose at the next Pleno that the CRA manage its use, whilst the ownership, the upkeep and the maintenance will remain the responsibility of the Town Hall.

9. CRA cabin update. The cabin was offered to the organiser of the Camposol Fiesta, Sue Tinkler, who accepted the offer. SB to inform Sue of the condition of the electric cables and invite Sue to disconnect them if she wishes to do so.​​​​​SB

10. CRA cabin used by The LEOS. Following an informal meeting between SB, PD and Bob Owen, it came to light that the cabin (ex-Beach Bar from Bolnuevo Beach) near the far end of the Social Centre was supplied by the Council to the CRA who never used it, subsequently the LEOS have been using it for storage. It was decided that as the CRA had no use for the cabin and didn’t have keys to access it, it would be officially offered to the Leo’s, SB had already advised Virginia Barker and was ​awaiting confirmation, PD will follow up with correspondence and if the Leo’s do not require the cabin, the Council will be advised that it is now vacant and can be offered to an alternative user.​​​​​​PD

11. Update on correspondence sent to the CHS, CARM and others, proposing a visit to Camposol. SB reported that, following a STRATEGY MEETING held on 26/5/2018, 10 letters were sent, but no reply was received to date. This was probably due to the National Government upheaval that took place in the last two weeks, with several changes in responsibilities. It was agreed that the same invitation should be sent to the new Post-holders in a few weeks’ time, to give them time to settle in their new roles.​​​​​​SB

12. AOB –
Modelo 036, requested by the bank. – SB made further enquiries with CARM who provided a declaration stating that the CRA is a voluntary association. SB passed the letter to MG.
Following further enquiries about the purpose of ‘modelo 036’, SB was satisfied that this a form to be completed by profit-making organisations, which the CRA is not.
SB asked MG to inform La Caixa of the above, and give the bank the declaration provided by CARM.​​​​​​​​​​MG

SB reported that she received a request from a MABS volunteer, to use the CRA noticeboard placed in the Consum foyer. After considerations, the Committee decided that this was not possible as it would open the floodgates for any other organisation to do the same, but the CRA offered to advertise on their website any future event held by MABS.

MG requested that she has online bank service from La Caixa. This was unanimously agreed. MG to arrange with the bank​​​​​​​​MG

The meeting closed at 1pm

Next committee meeting: 14th July 2018