PRESENT: ​Phil Gelling (PG) Chairman
​​Silvana Buxton (SB) Vice-chairman
​​Geof Buxton (GB) Secretary
​​Maite Gómez (MG) Treasurer
​​Simon Mellor (SM) Committee member
​​Paul Drury, Invited Consultant

1. Apologies for absence: Allyson Ingamells (AI)

2. Minutes of previous meeting – Agreed

3. Points arising from previous meeting:

a) Membership update – AI emailed a report which SB read to the Committee.
​PG to pursue AI’s points with her and with John Girvan​​​​​PG

b) Website up-date – PG asked the Committee to peruse a website called
​‘’. He also asked for the Committee’s thoughts on what the
​Website should contain, such as the forum (differing opinions), archive, etc… Committee

c) Viability of Camposol Lobby Group – It was agreed that this seems to be a necessary
​Evil. SB to seek Alfonso’s (PSOE) opinion and advice​​​​​SB

d) Spanish speaking support – The search goes on. To be put on future agendas​​​GB

e) Pneumonia issue – MG reported that she spoke with some professionals and with the
​Staff at the Camposol Surgery. The outcome is that Pneumonia is a lung infection
​aggravated by a negative reaction to flu. The Surgery reported no cases of pneumonia.

4. Correos/Postal Service. SB reported that, after reading an article written by the reported Juan
​Ruiz Palacios of La Verdad in which the Deputy Mayor of Mazarron Pedro Martinez
​stated that all is well in Camposol, she phoned Juan and invited him to discuss the
​issue with the Head of Correos at the Mazarron Office with whom the CRA has been
​discussing the unacceptable situation in Camposol for over a year. Juan agreed to
​research the facts in greater depth and report to the CRA.

5. Proposed Agenda for AGM. By unanimous vote, the date for the AGM was postponed
​To SATURDAY 27/1/2018. GB to prepare poster inviting proposals for Committee
​vacancies and display by the 16/12. PG to advertise in Newsletter by 16/12. ​ GB/PG
​Poster to show deadline of 5th JANUARY 2018, for receipt of proposal, which must
​Be sent to the Chairman or be deposited at the CRA Cabin.
​A Committee meeting to be held on Saturday 6/1/2018 to consider proposals
​and to agree the AGM agenda, which must be advertised before the 10/1/2018,
​thus giving more than 15 days’ notice as required by the Constitution.

6. Presentation of rambla project and chosen route – The 193-page agreed project was shown
​to the Committee. SB to ask Alfonso (PSOE) what is the procedure for informing the
​Affected residents, and any other information relative to the commencement of the
​works etc.​​​​​​​​​​​SB

7. Proposal to hold an OPEN MEETING on 27/1/2018, immediately after the AGM,
​to notify residents of proposed route. It was agreed to postpone this until an
​answer was received by Alfonso (PSOE) regarding the procedure before the works
​begin and during the works, such as notifying the people affected of deadlines, contingency ​services etc..

8. Proposal to invite PETER PONT (PP) to join the CRA Committee – Unanimously agreed.
​Proposed by SM, seconded by PG. PP to be added to the list of Committee members​GB

9. PG’s report on meeting with John McCracken (JMcC) and Zoe (Murcia Today). PG
​reported that it had been a very fruitful meeting and he agreed to liaise with
​JMcC, Zoe and PP to see how best to use the information provided by
​JMcC’s investigation.​​​​​​​​​​PG
​PG also asked the Committee to approve an expense of 85€ for JMcC to obtain
​Financial information regarding the activity of MASA & subsidiaries. The
​Committee agreed.

10. CRA’s position, if any, with regard to the disposal at auction of Justo y Manoli assets,
​which could include residents (possibly CRA members) homes”. – Following a
​discussion, it was agreed that SB should contact La Verdad to seek further
​coverage, and the issue be brought to the attention of Antonio (MT) and ​
​Alfonso (PSOE) as a matter of urgency. ​​​​​​​SB

11. Proposal for CRA Christmas/New Year lunch – To be discussed at next CM. GB to
​Include in next CM agenda​​​​​​​​​GB

12. Income from Spanish classes September-December – SB reported the following figures,
​agreed by the treasurer: IN 2018.60€ – OUT 346.69 – NET PROFIT 1671.91.
​PG proposed a vote of thanks to SB, which she accepted graciously….

13. AOB – none
14. Date of next Committee meeting: Saturday 6th January 2018
The meeting closed at 13:00 hrs.