In early March the concluding findings of the Regional Assembly’s Commission for Camposol was debated in a Departmental session and statements were later published by 3 of the 4 Political Parties involved, the consensus of opinion being that the various authorities including Mazarron Town Hall, the CHS (Rivers Authority) and the Regional Government had exercised little if any control over the constructor Justo y Manoli SL (subsidiary of Grupo MASA) during the planning and construction of the Camposol urbanisation and what attempts at involvement were made proved to be too little and too late, proof of this was amply illustrated by house building being started before planning permission and mandatory reports were submitted, there was also the fact that Mazarron Town Hall were awarded over 3.6 million euros in Court judgements against constructor Justo y Manoli for planning and construction violations but made no effort to collect the money or register the debt some years later with the bankruptcy administrator handling the Justo y Manoli liquidation.

Although many architectural and technical reports were carried out, the main professional opinion was that the reports, to be of any use, should have been completed before construction started not when the urbanisation was 90% finished.

The Regional Commission will submit its report and solutions to the Regional Pleno (Parliament) later in March, among the solutions will be the formation of an inter-authority commission comprising of The CHS, CARM (Murcia Regional Authority) and Mazarron Council which would result in the joint involvement of government at Central, Regional and Local levels, the first time this has happened in the history of Camposol, the remit of the roundtable commission would be, “to plan, coordinate and execute the necessary measures for the prompt reversal of the current situation”.

The CRA instigated the setup of the Regional Assembly’s Commission for Camposol at the end of 2015 in the absence of any other route being available after the total lack of will shown by Mazarron Council to address the plight of the urbanisation, the CRA Committee has had a heavy involvement with the Commission since its inception, attending numerous meetings in Cartagena, Murcia and Mazarron as well as on Camposol, presenting an Impact Statement at the Regional Assembly and taking 9 members of the Commission on a tour of the urbanisation’s most affected areas, the mission is not completed yet, but much has been achieved, including the Sewage Treatment Plant, repair and completion of the non-functioning sewer infrastructure and steps toward a solution to the flooding risk on D Sector.