Past CRA Chairman, gives his support to the CRA’s New Direction.

For those members and residents who don’t know of Bob Owen, he was the Chairman of the CRA for 5 years up until the end of 2014.

Dear Silvana,

I totally agree with the direction in which you are proposing to develop your relationship with the PSOE.

In 2014 when I sought support from members to repel the attempted takeover of the CRA by Tom Finnegan of CDiP I was totally supported by members and the vote against CDiP was overwhelming. At the time Mr Finnegan was looking to using the CRA funds to promote his vision of his future dominance of Camposol and its residents. 4 years on and he has expelled all those who failed to support his dominant stance leaving CDiP as a shadow of its former self proclaimed importance.

I instigated the formation of the “political sub committee” to look at the CRA’s future options in collusion with a political party sympathetic with Camposols problems. This sub committee quickly formed itself into CDiP which was not the direction I had intended. Mr Finnegan then told the only CRA committee meeting he attended that the CRA would become secondary to CDiP who would become the lead as the CRA committee had failed to solve all Camposols problems. As you can imagine that went down like a lead balloon with the committee who had spent endless time and effort over the recent years.

Good luck with your future plans in the knowledge that you have my full support.

Regards Bob Owen