It may have been noticed that the mosquito spraying cannon circulated around the urbanization on Friday 11th October. However, an interesting initiative has been approved by the Town Hall to help reduce the invasion of mosquitos that seem to be excessive this year, following the gota fría. On Tuesday 15th and/or Wednesday 16, drones will fly over Camposol to locate areas susceptible to larvaes, such as pools and areas with stagnant water, in order to undertake a safer and more effective spraying programme, around the urbanization.
I was yesterday informed that the collection of garden waste was abruptly interrupted Thursday by the breakdown of the lorry assigned to deal with it. Great efforts are being made to repair the lorry, as a replacement is at present not possible. However, I have been assured that the total and final collection of ALL the remaining garden waste around the urbanization will take place either today, Saturday 12th or most definitely on Monday 14th. Sincere apologies to the residents from the Manager in charge of the operation, who wishes to assure the residents of Camposol that from now on the collection of garden waste will take place every Monday throughout the urbanization. Please inform me at silvanaeb@mazarron.es if this is not done.
I reiterate that this is an unpleasant, unnecessary and totally illegal practice. The Town Hall confirmed today that NO permission was ever given for large items such as household furniture, electrical appliances such as fridges, etc. to be dumped by either the green refuse bins or the garden waste bins. If you wish to dispose of such items and cannot take them to the Ecopark, please let me know at silvanaeb@mazarron.es and I will arrange for the Council lorry to come and collect them from your home. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.