Following the investigation and report by the Regional Assembly Commission into the planning and construction of Camposol, one of the recommendations was that the report be passed on to the Public Prosecutor to assess if any criminal acts had been committed and if charges could be brought, on 23rd May the Public Prosecutor opened proceedings, here is a translation of regional media coverage:-

The Public Prosecutor opens proceedings in relation to the Camposol urbanisation in Mazarrón.

The Regional Assembly, has for months, investigated in a parliamentary committee the Camposol Urban Development in Mazarrón, the famous urbanisation mostly populated by British retirees in the outskirts of Mazarrón. Many of them spent their life savings to inhabit those houses, as stated by the Socialist Deputy Alfonso Martinez Baños in his deposition, investigations found “unfinished urbanisation works, houses in semi ruin, a Rambla channelled Illegally and a string of absolutely disgraceful mistakes”, in the end the Commission referred its conclusions to the Prosecutor’s Office.
In the conclusions and proposals drafted by the Regional Members, all parties proposed that the three administrations (Regional, Local and National) must enter discussions to search for a solution to the problems (of subsidence, cracks and structural problems in some housing) that affects some 5,000 homeowners.
Manuel Aldeguer, who was the Water Commissioner of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation between 2004 and 2012, said during the Commission’s hearing in the Regional Assembly that if the urbanisation of Camposol was built in the Rambla de los Aznares it was because Mazarrón Council had previously approved it.
The town council of Mazarrón has estimated a cost of 20 million euros to correct and complete the public services in Camposol, which it will not be able to claim from the promoter because the guarantee only covers 1.2 million euros and because the Council did not enter a claim with the Official Receiver of the construction company, which is in the process of winding up.