The new CRA Website is now live and can be found using:-

The easiest way to navigate the site is by using the page (sandwich) symbol top right of each page, other language translations are available by clicking on the flags at the top of each page, news, meeting minutes, reports and other content is being added and will continue to be added regularly, members are invited to email in their favourite photos of Camposol the best of which will be added to the Photo Gallery.

The CRA have new contact email addresses:-

The CRA contact point is being moved from the Cabin to the Cultural Centre (which has been renamed by Mazarrón Council and is now the “Social Centre”) the desk will be manned between 11am – 1pm every Wednesday (Holidays excluded), the move has been prompted by the prohibitive cost of repairing the years of deterioration of the Cabin and concerns that the power supply will not meet new fire safety regulations.

In other news, following on from 2 meetings in April a further meeting and update was held with Gaspar Miras Lorente – Gaspar is the communication liaison between the CRA and the Regional Assembly. A series of meetings have been arranged to ensure that the recommendations agreed at the Regional Assembly Pleno on 22/3/2018 are going to be acted upon. The latest meeting took place on 11/5/2018 in the presence of Gaspar, Pedro Guillermo (Mazarrón Councillor) and another colleague, decisions taken at the meeting were:

1) To write to the Regional Government seeking a CRA representation on the inter authority Commission being set up to include the CHS (Rivers Authority), CARM (Regional Government) and Mazarrón Council.

2) An on-site meeting with Aqualia to ascertain the exact extent of the works done and the work pending regarding the sewage/water treatment system, the timescale envisaged for the completion of the works, and the steps to be taken by the CRA should Aqualia’s response prove unacceptable.

3) Locally, to seek clarification on the situation regarding management of the Social Centre.

Monthly meetings are provisionally arranged, unless it is deemed necessary to meet more frequently.

On another issue the CRA Committee welcomes the news that the Sensol Hotel may have been sold at auction for 3.8 million euros and look forward to seeing what has been an empty white elephant for over 5 years become a thriving resort and hopefully instigate some investment by the authorities into the urbanisation.