Translation of DGT (Spanish Department of Traffic) instructions for Driving Licences
For holders of a British driving licence who have requested the exchange, replacement or renewal before December 31, 2020, these will be processed as long as they have been verified by the United Kingdom authorities before January 1, 2021. Applications submitted after December 30, 2020 will not be processed.
If you did not request the exchange before December 31, 2020 you will have to obtain a new Spanish driving licence.
Obtaining a Spanish Driving Licence
The General Directorate of Traffic is the body in charge of issuing driving permits and licences in the Spanish State. Our goal is to ensure that drivers have the necessary skills to operate vehicles with the least possible risk.
We make sure, by taking exams, that you have the capability, knowledge and skills necessary to drive the vehicle in question.
There are different kinds of permits and licences depending on the category and the vehicle you need to drive: mopeds, motorcycles, cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles … each of them requires specific tests
To obtain a new permit, you must apply to take the tests. Although the usual practice is that you prepare for the exam in a driving school, you can also submit your application on your own. Once you have passed the aptitude tests, you will obtain your driving licence. During the preparation and presentation of the tests to obtain your driving license, you have at your disposal several procedures that may be useful to you.
As soon as you are approved, we will give you a provisional driving licence, with which you can drive until the final licence arrives. For this it is important to always keep your address updated with the Department of Traffic (DGT). You can verify and change it yourself online.
It should be noted that the practical part of the test has to be carried out in a Dual Control vehicle, which would usually involve enlisting with a driving school, the theory part of the test can be taken in English as long as notification is given before taking the test.