Documentation you need: 

  • Passport and copy of the two pages together in the passport where your photo is and biometric details
  • Only need padron if you have moved recently.
  • 2 photos – Just Fabulous or Best Wishes know the size and background required
  • Residencia and copy
  • NIE and copy
  • 2 copies of Modelo EX23 written or typed in black capitals
  • 3 copies of Modelo 790 012 (the TASA payment) (and be careful it prints bottom of the form – ‘copy for administrator’ should be last line.) It automatically prints 3 numbered copies.
  • Original and copy of appointment form (this pops up when you make an appointment)
  • Original and copy of email confirmation of appointment

Here from the website confirmation of the requirements: (Google translated)

To access this procedure, you must be the owner of one of the following documents:

  • Union Citizen Registration Certificate.
  • Union Citizen Family Card (British or Northern Ireland).
  • Favorable resolution issued by the Immigration Offices of the Government Delegations / Sub-delegations. To verify if the file is in a ” Resolved favorable” status ( link below ).

The issuance of the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE) can only be carried out in the province of residence .

The appointment is personal , so a single appointment will not be accepted for different members of the family unit


  • Application form model EX-23 (pdf) , duly completed and signed by the applicant or his legal representative (link below).
  • Valid and valid passport of the applicant. In the event that the passport is expired, you must provide a copy of it and the renewal application. At the time of collecting the card, the Passport must be valid. (Original and copy of the biometric page).
  • Proof of payment of the fee Model 790 Code 012 of the Ministry of the Interior. The copy must be correctly printed in its entirety, not admitting in any case prints in which the lower part of the document does not appear, which contains the annotation “Copy for the Administration”. The form is downloaded from the Police website ( link below ).

The option that must be marked to pay the amount corresponding to this Foreigner Identity Card is ” Certificate of registration of community resident or residence card of family member of a citizen of the Union .”

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO PHOTOCOPY THE FORM OF THE FEE , since each form is recognized with a unique identifier.

In the event that the Model 790 has been subscribed , code. 012 improperly, must be filed refund of this fee in person at the Documentation Unit where he was issued the Alien Identification Card, or failing that , where he obtained an appointment for that purpose. In no case should the return be requested through registration.

  • A photograph , in accordance with the requirements established in the regulations on Spanish National Identity Document:

Recent color photograph of the applicant’s face, size 32×26 millimeters, with a plain white uniform background, taken from the front with the head completely uncovered and without dark glasses or any other garment that may prevent or hinder the identification of the person. (The photograph must clearly show the oval of the face, which includes eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and chin, and must be of high resolution and on good quality photographic paper) .

  • Current registration certificate or flyer in case you have changed your address (issued in the last three months). Original and copy
  • Provide a Union Citizen Registration Certificate or Foreigner Identity Card if available. Failing that, a report of loss or theft.
  • The minor must be accompanied by their duly accredited legal representative and original identity documents and in force, or the person empowered by them.

The documents that must be presented to prove the relationship with the minor are:

a) Original and valid identity documents, in any case.

b) Minor born in Spain. Family Book or birth certificate from the Civil Registry, or judicial sentence of guardianship.

c) Minor born abroad. Birth certificate or minor guardianship documents translated (according to need) and legalized, either with the Hague Apostille or diplomatic channels.

d) To prove the power of attorney: Power of attorney issued in Spain. Power of attorney made outside of Spain, translated (according to need) and legalized, either with the Hague Apostille or through diplomatic channels

To book your appointment:
On the first page choose Murcia as the province and press Aceptar

Second page –  Choose Oficina as shown below – leave the middle option Tramites Oficinas untouched and in the next drop-down box choose as highlighted below (the penultimate item)

Then press ACEPTAR

The next page headed



Tells you what documentation is needed – scroll to bottom and press ENTRAR

The next page you fill in your NIE number and your first name and surname i.e. FRED SMITH (if you have two surnames put them in)

On the next page fill in your telephone/email and repeat email address

at bottom of page press SIGUIENTE  and the next page will show you available appointments – click on the one you prefer or if there are none, or you want a later day then click on CANCELAR and try another day.

From personal experience I would recommend an afternoon appointment, parking is hard in the morning and a lot of people have their interviews with gestors attending too.  In the afternoons there is hardly anyone around and I was on my way home before the official time of my interview.  You are advised to arrive half an hour early just in case there is a queue.

When you have made your appointment a confirmation page will pop up and you need to print this out and make a copy.

If you change your mind up to the day before the appointment it’s very straightforward to cancel and choose an alternative date or wait for another suitable day.


LINK TO MODELO 790 012  (The payment form)


Fill in online

The first part is  your NIE/Surname(s) and first name/ tipo de via = Calle/Name of Calle/Number of Calle/Telephone/Muncipio = Camposol, Mazarron/Provincia = Murcia/Codigo postal = 30875 (for Camposol)

Second part

Third part

Fourth part

Last Part

CHECK YOUR PRINTED COPIES – be careful it prints bottom of the form – ‘copy for administrator’ should be last line.


Take the motorway to Murcia – you want to exit Junction 135 signed Molina De Segura, which is the junction before Ikea exit.

When you go around the roundabout which takes you on the N301 take the service road which runs alongside the N301.
The Police Station is on the right when you approach traffic lights.

There is no parking there so drive on about 3 buildings and look to your right where there is a cafe and an all-day car park. In the mornings there is a charge unless you spend a certain amount in the cafe.

The car park closes at around 2pm so this is why it’s good to have an afternoon appointment as more chance of getting in and it’s no charge.   Alternatively if you look to your left just before the filling station there are a few spaces and someone pointing them out who will no doubt expect a tip.

Walk round the the Police station and take the entrance by the right hand side of the building and the entry doors are just a little way along.   There is a screen just inside where you type in your NIE number and take a ticket – sometimes the police do it for you.
Your ticket tells you which area you are allocated (there are about 4 areas and all visible from the waiting hall). Your ticket will have a number e.g UK99 and you sit in the waiting hall until that number comes up on the screen and tells you which door to go through for your interview.   You don’t really need to say anything – just hand over your paperwork and have your fingerprints taken. At the end they will point out the web address and your lote number – just keep an eye on the web address and see when your lote number is ready and then you can make an appointment to go back to the same place and collect your TIE.

The web address to check lote numbers is:

you click on RECOGIDA DE TARJETAS: COMPRUEBE SU  LOTE  to see the lote numbers they are up to. (As I write this no new numbers have been added for 3 weeks but I assume the holiday period is affecting them.

and you can click on SOLICITE SU CITA PREVIA to make an appointment to collect your TIE

or click here:

choose as per screen shot below:

The rest is straightforward – choose a time and date –  take your passport, residencia and the paperwork they gave you with your lote number on.   Same entrance – wait for police to show you in and point you where to collect.   At the counter they will retain your residencia and give you the TIE CARD.