Driving in the EU: UK licence holders living in the EU

If you live in the EU, you will not be able to renew your driving licence in the UK.

Driving in SPAIN
If you are resident in Spain and have not exchanged your UK licence for a Spanish one, your UK licence will continue to be recognised UNTIL 30 June 2021 !!!

If you were resident in Spain before 1 January 2021 and registered your details with the DGT (Spanish Traffic Authority) before 30 December 2020, you must make an appointment with the DGT to complete the exchange of your UK licence by 30 June 2021. You will have to show proof you are registered as a resident at the appointment.
You will have to give your UK licence to the Spanish Traffic Authority at your appointment. They will provide you with a temporary driving permit (‘autorización temporal para conducir’) to use until your Spanish licence is processed. This document is only valid in Spain and not in any other country.

Read the Spanish Traffic Authority’s guidance on how to get an appointment and the documentation you must provide (use the option in the top-right hand corner to translate page to English);

The rules for exchanging a licence have NOT been confirmed for those that did not register their details with the DGT or moved to Spain after 1 January 2021. We will update this page when more information is available.