The meeting opened at 11am
Present: ​Phil Gelling (PH)​President
​​Silvana Buxton (SB)​Vice president
​​Geof Buxton (GB)​Secretary
​​Allyson Ingamells (AI)​Member’s secretary
Apologies: ​Maite Gomez (MG)​Treasurer
​​Paul Cassidy​​Committee member

1. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved
2. Matters arising
a. Al reported a 50% response rate from members that she had been trying to contact.
She still has approx. 500 members to be contacted. The thankless task continues ​AI
b. PG reported that he has made contact with Maura Hillen and with Ronnie Howley
from SOHA. In view of recent developments (see item AOB) he will contact
Ronnie as a matter of urgency to seek his services​​​​​PG
c. Postponed to next meeting​​​​​​​​PG
d. PG reported that he has been unable to get the keys from Bill, but Adrian Ditum
returned his cabin keys
e. In the treasurer’s absence, Silvana will retain the donation until she can hand it over​SB
3. In the absence of the Treasurer, the payment of expenses did not take place
4. The following dates for Committee Meetings and AGM in 2017 were agreed:
June 17
July 15
September 16
October 21
November 18​AGM
December 9
January 21, 2018
5. The letter to the CHS, previously circulated to Committee was agreed.
SB to translate it in Spanish and send it to JL for approval/amendment
Before it is sent to the CHS​​​​​​​​​SB
6. There has been an exchange of correspondence between SB and Tina Ruiz regarding
the Cultural Centre situation. Tina agreed to bring the issue to the next Pleno on 30/5.
Meantime it was agreed that SB will try and arrange a meeting with the Mayoress to try
and resolve the issue. ​​​​​​​​​SB
7. On 9/5, SB, GB, MG and her husband attended a meeting with Eduardo, the architect from
Madrid who has since been contacted by our lawyer to clarify what type of report
is required. We are now awaiting Eduardo’s quote
8. The representative of the British Consulate has been unable to arrange a meeting with
The Mayoress therefore the meeting on 22/5 has been cancelled. The representative of
The BC will now try and arrange another meeting with the Mayoress and it is hoped that
a CRA representative will be available on their chosen date.
9. PG reported that, following a conversation with Paul Drury, he will be meeting with the
Chairman of CDiP Peter Pitt, to discuss a productive and proactive way forward.​​PG
10. PLENOS – SB reported that the Council Plenos are held on the LAST TUESDAY OF
EACH MONTH, at 7pm (or 7:30pm)
DONATIONS – PG handed-in 45€ received as donations (20€ + 25€). SB will pass to the
Treasurer asap​​​​​​​​​​SB
STRATEGY – PG outlined the multiple paths that we are now following, and it was agreed
to hold a Strategy meeting possibly in July or September
LETTER from MURCIA REGION – A letter was received on 16/5 from the Dept. of Water,
Agriculture and Environment, which SB translated in English and circulated to Committee.
The letter requested ‘Comments and suggestions’ from the CRA regarding the Modification
to the PGOU (General Plan of Urban Planning) presented by the Town Hall.
The letter was passed on to our lawyer who provided us with several links to the PGOU
(63 documents, not all accessible) and he strongly recommends that the CRA presents
its case.
PG to discuss the possible intervention of Ronnie Howley to assist us in compiling our
response which must reach the Region within 45 days, ie: by 30 June.​​​PG
It was agreed that a ‘Rambla meeting’ be arranged in mid-June for residents who may be
affected by the modifications to be informed. SB to deal with venue, date, posters etc.​SB

Next meeting: 17th June, 11am, Cultural Centre

The meeting closed at 12:30