From Silvana Buxton, CRA acting Chair

Contrary to Mr Tony Dwyer’s statement posted on social media, regarding the CRA/CDiP meeting held on 19th March, the CRA wishes to rectify the incorrect and misleading information contained therein. The purpose of the meeting was to explore the best way for CDiP and the CRA to work together for the benefit of Camposol and NOT, as wrongly reported, to talk about the oncoming elections. At no time during the meeting CDiP showed any interest or willingness to discuss a mutual working relationship for the future of the urbanization.

There was, however, excessive and repeated pressure from CDiP for Silvana to leave PSOE, where she holds no. 6 in their Candidate’s list, and join CDiP, with comments such as: “CDiP will guarantee her no. 1 on its list of Candidates, whereas she’ll get nowhere with PSOE”. This was found by Silvana to be unethical, dictatorial, and an insult to her integrity. Furthermore CDiP is in breach of the Political Code of Practice by deceitfully seeking to involve Silvana in pre-election negotiations.

In view of the above, Silvana chose to withdraw from further discussions with CDiP. Her withdrawal was shared by other committee members, and it was therefore decided that there will be no further meetings with CDiP.

Silvana wishes to make clear that she fully intends to remain loyal to PSOE – a party with over 140 years of history who, since 2015, has been working closely with the CRA at local, regional and national level and who, if elected, will successfully bring to conclusion the services and legalities as stated on their manifesto.

Silvana is happy to share with her supporters and critics the written evidence of her fight for Camposol under the leadership of the party that she has now chosen to represent – the PSOE.

Silvana has no wish to comment on the public accusations and abuse that she received from CDiP in the last few months. She prefers to take this opportunity to renew her commitment to the people of Camposol for the betterment of our living conditions and ultimately for achieving a rightful return on our investment. BUT SHE CAN ONLY DO THIS WITH YOUR SUPPORT.