Minutes of Committee Meeting
Monday, 6 June 2022, noon
Sensol Golf Club

Present : Phil Gelling (PG) [Chairman]
Jayne Miller (CJM) [Secretary]; Colin Barton (CB) [Treasurer]; Gordon Cockburn (GC)
General purpose to introduce applicants for co-option to the Committee and prepare for the AGM
The only person interested in joining the Committee was Wayne Blow (WB) who has contemplated
working with CRA for some time but work commitments in the pharmaceutical/publishing business,
often in the USA, meant he had little time availability. PG outlined some of the background of CRA
and recent problems.
Apologies for Absence
Angela Skinner
1. Minutes of previous meeting :
Minutes of the meeting held 25 May having been circulated and there being no comment, were duly
signed by the Chairman.
Treasurer’s Report
To end of May total assets 2003.05. Only a few people have paid subscriptions but nevertheless a
significant difference has been made to the PayPal account. CB has prepared a statement for
presentation to the AGM.
1 new member this month membership now stands at 1431. Difficulties of contact between
residents and responses to newsletters. was discussed but not resolved
(Arranged for 15.30 on 15 June at Mariano’s)
Subscription payments will be accepted on the day – CB to have a ride both ways with cash box.
Agendas, previous minutes and financial statement to be circulated beforehand. Ballot papers also
to be prepared, residents to be requested to print out and bring with them. The requirement to
place questions beforehand. Must be reiterated. GC to clarify which minutes are to be used as
‘previous meeting’ minutes.
Update on progress by Gerardo
Not heard from Gerardo recently. Generally absent from his office due to commitments.
All up to date.

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Any Other Business
PG attended a Pleno at Mazarrón Ayuntamiento, when the PP party put forward a motion to get the
CHS to resolve the rambla problem on Camposol. The proposal was passed unanimously.
Meeting closed 13.20
WB to consider whether he wishes to join the committee and advise decision in a week or so.
Next meeting provisionally arranged for 4 July 2022, noon at the Golf Club, to be confirmed.