As Chairman of the Camposol Residents Association it falls to me to wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and what a year. A year that has been a challenge to many and upsetting for many more. We have suffered lockdowns, restricted movement and yet those who are reading this have survived whilst relatives and friends have been taken from us. Let’s hope 2021 is a much better year for all the right reasons.

As Chairman it falls to me also to let you know what we have done for the past year and what we have planned for 2021. During 2020 we have had great difficulty in getting things done due to social restrictions stopping us from having meetings and get togethers. We have also met with the same resistance from the Town Hall as in previous years despite having supported the PSOE party and the Councillor for Camposol and Foreign Residents. In addition, we appear to be labelled as the villains restricting progress on Camposol’s issues, when all we have done is ask the Town Hall whether they are going to comply with the Regional report and request dates, projects and budgets to complete the urbanisation. The only offer we have received to date is that we will be invited to a round table of Camposol residents and only allowed 2 committee members to attend. That meeting invite has not arrived as yet. So in 19 months of the New Town Hall council we have been involved in two meetings but no round table. Does it sound familiar?

As a result of the dwindling relationship with Town Hall and lack of progress we have taken the following steps:

We drafted a 28 page report which included extracts from the Garrigues Solicitors report, the various political promises made over the last 8 years, references to the Ombudsman Report, and a copy of the Regional Reports proposals together with a list of faults that exist on the Urbanisation. This report has been sent to the following:-

    • The Spanish National Ombudsman, The Most Excellent Francisco Fernandez Marugan
    • El Gobierno español, el Honorable Pedro Sánchez-Castejon
    • The Senate of Spain, The Most Excellent President Maria Pilar Llop Cuenca
    • Secretary of State of Tourism, Mr Fernando Valdes Verelst
    • The President of the Region of Murcia, The Honourable Fernando Lopez Miras
    • Regional Councillor for Tourism, Youth and Sports, Maria Cristina Sanchez Lopez.

We now need to wait to see what the Town Hall and the above recipients want to do. Hopefully they will respond in a positive manner otherwise we will have to implement Plan B.

I also need to apologise for no AGM this year but like all other organisations we have been victims of COVID restrictions. At the first available opportunity we will call an AGM. Our current membership stands at 1214 but we would like to see more residents sign up to show the Town Hall that we are determined to fight their lack of support and for failing to comply with their legal obligations to complete the urbanisation.

Thank you for your support and wishing you all the best for 2021.

Phil Gelling