Over the past two months the CRA have been working with Aqualia in making good the roads and footpaths affected by their water repairs. As many of us will be aware, when we have a water leak in Camposol, Aqualia turn out and repair the leak. This usually involves digging up the footpath, kerb stones and part of the road. When the pipe is repaired, it is usual practice to put gravel in the hole until such a time as they return to make the footpath, kerb and road back to the way it was. Unfortunately, on some areas of Camposol the final part of this exercise had not been completed leaving mounds on gravel on the edge of the footpath, in many cases for a considerable time.
What the CRA did, with the help of members reports and in response to requests on the website and in the Costa Calida Chronicle, was to look at every single road on first sector D then sector C, to find any affected places. (We Plan on doing sectors B and A in due course.)
What we found is that there were 24 such unrepaired places with gravel on sector D (this rose in number to 30 during the period of works,) and 4 places on sector C.
At this point we have to say how much we value the assistance of Gaspar Lorente, a PSOE Cuncillor/Spokesperson. He acted as an intermediary between the CRA and Aqualia. He facilitated the repairs and kept both parties updated as to the progress, as well as visiting Camposol to see the work for himself.
AS a result of this we are pleased to say that of the 34 places found with work required, all have now been repaired. Most of these completely, but two, (Calle Darro on sector D and Calle Albaida on sector C) still need asphalt to be added.

I should stress here that this work is not over. We are aware that not only have we got sectors B and A to go, but there will continue to be water leaks. Indeed there has been one on C and one on D in the last few days. It should be noted however, that on the last two leaks on sector D, Aqualia having fixed the pipe, have returned, within two days to make good the kerb stones and pavement, without further prompting. We in the CRA intend to keep up with this project and continue to liaise with Aqualia to ensure such places are made good.
We think you will find the before and after pictures interesting.
Camposol Residents Association,
Working together for the future of Camposol.


We are pleased to say that all of the repairs identified as needing further work have now been completed on Sectors C and D. This totals 31. We are also pleased to add that the last 2 water leaks that occurred on D sector had the pipe repaired by Aqualia on the same day, and a couple of days later they returned to put the footpaths and road right, without further prompting. Let’s hope this is to continue, but of course the situation will be monitored. Sectors B and A will be checked for any outstanding work but on first appearances there doesn’t seem to be many remaining issues here but of course it’s an ongoing situation. An email has been sent to Gaspar thanking him for his assistance and for him to pass on that sentiment to Aqualia.

Please contact the CRA by email info@camposolresidents.es if any repairs remain outstanding or require ‘making good’ if this has not been done within a couple of working days of the repair to the water pipe.