The residents of Camposol have for many years been known for their generosity in
troubled times, supporting the residents of Mazarron and beyond; for example, the
donations to the residents of Los Alcázares, following the dreadful floods in 2020, the
Caritas food collections and the collection of toys for the children of Mazarron, also in
2020. Since the pandemic, it has become apparent that there are also people of different
nationalities, living on Camposol, who are now in need of the type of support that the
residents are so used to providing for others. In order to help those people, the Camposol
Community Shopping Bag has been created.

The Camposol Community Shopping Bag is a non-profit project run by a group of local
residents to assist the people of all nationalities, living on Camposol who find themselves
in financial hardship. The aim of the project is to provide those people with essential food
& everyday products.

This is a new venture, and the first activity took place in the last week of February, across
3 days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when volunteers were in the foyer at Consum,
on Camposol to collect donations from neighbours, who are in a position to help other
neighbours who are struggling at this time. Although many of these people are in
difficulties as a direct result of the COVID pandemic, there are other reasons why people
are not able to buy the essentials.

A new publicity campaign has started with the creation of a Facebook page called
“Camposol Community Shopping Bag”. In the coming weeks, we expect to be able to
promote the programme, through other forms of communication, such as local radio and
the production and distribution of flyers that will enable us to reach those that do not use

Already we have received requests for help from residents of Camposol and are pleased
to have been able to support them in these difficult times. Camposol is an urbanisation,
with many dozens of different nationalities and already we have been able to support
multiple nationalities and will continue to support anyone who needs our help, irrespective
of their origins.

Please visit the page, share with friends and even volunteer if you have the time. A list of
volunteers is being created to help with things like shopping, packing bags and delivering
to recipients. If you are able to help, please contact the organisers through the Facebook
page or by email to

If you are in need of our help, please feel free to contact our volunteers Julie Taylor on
611 33 12 01 to discuss your needs in Spanish or English, between 10am and 4pm
Monday to Saturday, or Reverend Val Caffyn on 666 19 08 66 to talk in English between
8am and 9pm any day except Sunday mornings.