Driving in Spain Update

https://www.gov.uk/guidance/living-in-spain?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications&utm_source=bb655b2a-3eb4-48a6-ba4c-65ae5c3615e8&utm_content=immediately&fbclid=IwAR0QUZAoQRkvlG6K2v4OvFG_Gmj7bX1PmxY_kR-8css4oRmMoQ8LM-zPc2E#driving-in-spain Driving in Spain Valid UK driving licences are recognised for driving in Spain for 6 months from the date you enter Spain or from the date you obtained residence. Read the Spanish

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Obtaining a COVID Certificate update

From Silvana Yes, people can come to the social centre to complete the forms, and I will take them to the Town Hall on their behalf - there is no

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From Silvana -I have had a telephone call from the receptionist at the Camposol Medical Centre - the system is up, and she can now download the vaccination certificates. So

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Covid Cert Update

 The receptionist at the Camposol medical centre cannot download the COVID certificate, as yet. She received some certificates from Mazarrón for people who had an appointment for last Tuesday and

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Covid Vaccinations Certs IMPORTANT UPDATES

https://camposolfactcrusader.com/covid-vaccinations/ Due to the incorrect form being supplied by the N332 Police website all the people who completed 1957-11 COVID Certificate request forms and handed them to Councillor Silvana

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Masks outside will no longer be compulsory from June 26,

https://www.laopiniondemurcia.es/nacional/2021/06/18/mascarillas-aire-libre-dejaran-obligatorias-53855623.html?fbclid=IwAR1RMJoB4mJBuKyQrpTzEXvecHNde67AuGhIk-r3gMfHX1FfEExeNKNgpx0   Google translated note still mandatory indoors # The masks outside will no longer be compulsory from next June 26, the Saturday of next week, provided that the minimum

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Covid certs update 18th June

https://camposolfactcrusader.com/covid-vaccinations/ Obtaining a Digital COVID Certificate.   There are currently 3 ways to obtain the Certificates   1. Electronic Download if you have a Digital Certificate, Digital DNI (Spanish

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Vaccination Certificates – important update 17th June URGENT AND IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM SILVANA Re  Covid cert requests. Do not download form 1957 – apparently the N322 Facebook page have supplied


Driving license reminder

DRIVING LICENCE REMINDER What happens to my driving license in Spain? If you live in Spain and have a valid UK driving license, it will be recognized for driving

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Murcia Region restrictions changes

N332 Murcia Region restrictions changes Bars, restaurants & non-essential businesses may now open until 02:00am in the Region of Murcia (from this Wednesday 16th June) Social gatherings to be extended

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Mosquitos – action by the Council

Ayuntamiento Mazarrón The city council of Mazarron has proceeded this week to strengthen the campaign of fumigation against mosquitoes with intensive fumigation actions in Mazarron, the coastal area and Camposol,

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Camposol Lethargy

Camposol Lethargy  Camposol has existed for more than 2 decades and has endured many problems during that time, mainly because of the actions of the developer and the local

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CRA Newsletter

"Working Together for the Future of Camposol" An Update from the Camposol Residents Association 8th June 2021 We have had a very busy time despite the lockdown because we

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IBI Bills now available online

Link to IBI Bill for Mazarron municipality: https://agenciatributaria.carm.es/web/guest/duplicadorecibos?fbclid=IwAR3R5sJP2pcT_gHvfctQqbOfcy5amONCmHvL15FWajE9KLY0Ky5WL1rU0HU How to fill in - see below.   We will publish how to pay online shortly.

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A new website has been launched by the Spanish Government to help those travelling to Spain to understand restrictions and general measures throughout Spain

https://travelsafe.spain.info/en/ There is an interactive map to see restrictions in place depending on where you're travelling from, and lots more useful info. Remember that things are constantly changing and that

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Change in COVID19 measures MURCIA Region

  After last week's backlash when it was announced that customers wouldn't be able to eat or drink whilst watching concerts/live entertainment, the COVID19 Monitoring Committee has decided to soften

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Vaccinations update

https://www.laverdad.es/murcia/mayores-inmunizar-pueden-20210605010508-ntvo.html?_tcode=dm0xaDYx#comments GOOGLE Translated Those over 60 years of age who for any reason have not yet received the first dose can request an appointment to be vaccinated at their

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Online appointment service to request the vaccine collapsed

Online appointment service to request the vaccine collapsed http://www.mazarronhoy.com/noticias/2021/06/04/colapsado-servicio-cita-previa-internet.asp?fbclid=IwAR0abYEeS-8T2is9W0dfAw1sVsNPYKPt1CcMSbV4UVapI__ugsB9UAyKTrc#.YLoJIAiwyZQ.facebook 06/04/2021 The high number of requests through the web and the app, has temporarily put the self-appointment out of service

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