Mosquito spraying

Silvana has said that a few residents had spoken to her re the problem with mosquitos, and she has requested Camposol to be sprayed, the TH have told her

Mosquito spraying2020-09-26T14:16:52+00:00

Town Hall Closures

The administrative building of the City Hall closes due to a positive case for Covid-19 09/18/2020 Therefore, the previous appointments for the Registry and Register that were scheduled for today,

Town Hall Closures2020-09-18T07:56:56+00:00

Survey Completed

Survey now completed and no more responses required.   The Spanish newspaper La Opinión have asked us how the Coronavirus has affected visitors to Camposol. Your comments on any of

Survey Completed2020-09-08T15:05:29+00:00
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