SATURDAY 17/3/2018


The meeting opened at 11am

PRESENT: Phil Gelling, president (PG)

Silvana Buxton, Vice-President (SB)

Geof Buston, Secretary (GB)

Maite Gómez, Treasurer (MG)

Allyson Ingamell, Membership Secretary (AI)

Simon Mellor (SM), Committee member (SM)

Peter Pont, Committee member (PP)

Paul Drury, Invited guest (PD)

Elaine Roberts, Invited guest (ER)

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Paul Cassidy, Committee member



Membership update – PG and AI continuing to work on the membership database PG/AI

Website update – PG reported that he is continuing to work on the website after contacting Laurence (Murcia Today) who unfortunately was very busy on the week PG made contact. It was agreed that PG would endeavour to get the website up and running by Friday 23/3/2018 – if unable to do so, SB will contact Zoe/Laurence and ask if assistance could be provided by Laurence.     SB

Viability of Lobby Group – SB stated that Alfonso (PSOE) will discuss the issue when they meet next, In the meantime PD will send SB the email address of Noella, so that SB can make further enquiries. SB asked who was going to set-up and run the Lobby Group, and it was agreed that, for the moment, the whole committee would be involved in setting it up, after which a Lobby Group leader would be sought. PD/SB

Spanish speaking support – ongoing

Payment to John McCracken – MG stated that she had occasion to speak to JMcC but she had not, to date, received a request for payment.

k) Update of documentation held in the cabin – PD stated that he had completed the task, leaving in the bottom drawer the financial documentation which had a tag : ‘do not remove’

j) List of Committee members – SB obtained the telephone number of the members present, but the list is still incomplete. SB to send a remindert to the 4 members in question. SB

7) Renewal of ‘cargo’ for bank signatories at La Caixa – PG to action PG

8) Conclusion of meeting with the GC – MG reported that a provisional date was set for 15/5/2018, at 11:30 at the Club House. She further stated that 2 weeks before the meeting she will be asking David Hemming, Security Group person, to provide specific questions to be put to the GC at the meeting.

9) Possible outcome of the Regional vote … – It is now known that the Regional Assembly will take a decision on the Commission proposal, on Thursday 22/3/2018. CRA members attending: PG, SB, GB, PD and his wife. If the vote is in favour of the Commission conclusion, which proposes that a Committee, formed by CARM, the CHS and the Town Hall, meet and discuss the nuts and bolts of resolving the Camposol deficiencies, SB will approach Alfonso (PSOE) to discuss the absolute necessity for a Camposol representation to be part of said Committee. SB

10/c) Keys to Cultural Centre – SB confirmed that new keys had been provided by the Town Hall to all associations who requested them, but she was still having difficulty with the locks. SB stated that she sent an email to Pedro Martinez (TH) to inform him of the ongoing problem, also to ask him if the TH was providing additional keys, or could we get some more copies cut. SB is awaiting a response.

10/d) Correo situation – SB was not asked to update the committee on this topic. To be put on agenda for next meeting GB

4) WEBSITE PROGRESS – see ‘Matters arising/b’

5) MEMBERSHIP UPDATE – see ‘Matters arising/a’

6) TRIPS TO ALMERIA, etc – Following a discussion, PG offered to discuss with Antonio the possibility of arranging the Almeria trip. Antonio requires payment of approx. 100€ for doing this. PG will try and negotiate. PG

7) PSOE paper – see point 9) above

8) Assembly Pleno – see point 9) above, plus: the CRA members attending the Pleno agreed to meet at 10am at the Carrefour carpark, in Cartagena.

9) Repair work on the cabin – It was unanimously agreed that the cabin in its present state is an eyesore and action must be taken, even just to improve the CRA image. The quote proposed by MG’s contact was considered, but it was decided to explore other options. PP stated that a new cabin could be bought for less than 700€. GB agreed in considering the purchase of a new cabin.  PD offered to make enquiries into the possibility of renting space elsewhere.  AI stated that, in order for things to be seen to be above-board, 3 quotes should be obtained if it is decided to spend money on the repair the existing cabin. SB to enquire at the Town Hall about the possibility of the CRA having the vacant back office in the Cultural Centre. PD/SB

10) Clearance of documents from the cabin – see ‘Matters arising/k’

11) Organisational chart – SB to circulate the (empty) organisation chart provided by MG’s husband some time ago, and Committee members to propose which responsibility they are prepared to take on. SB

12) Expression of thanks to all – It was decided to discuss this after the (hopefully successful) outcome of the Assembly Pleno.

13) Lobby Group – see ‘Matters arising/c’

14) AOB – SB stated that she will contact Alfonso to seek clarification on the information published by La Verdad, whereby the Town Hall is seeking to propose some minor modifications to the rambla project, originally agreed in principle by the CHS.

15) Date of next meeting: 21st APRIL 2018 (apologies from SB, GB as they will be unable to attend)

The meeting closed at 1pm