Following ongoing representations by the CRA at all levels of Government there has been a flurry of developments in the last month.

After a request from the CHS (Regional division of the National Water/Rivers Ministry) the National Ministerial Cabinet has ratified a penalty of 1 million euros and compensation of 3.5 million against Mazarron Council and Justo y Manoli SL (MASA) for the unauthorised construction of 500+ homes in the Rambla (Riverbed) de los Aznares (D Sector) in 2004, which is government owned land under the control of the CHS and continuing inaction in resolving the situation resulted in the disastrous flooding of 2014.

At the third attempt and after a representation in Madrid on the CRA’s behalf plus an official complaint to the Murcia Regional Authority, the ex-Director General of the CHS Manuel Aldeguer and the ex-Mazarron Mayor Francisco Blaya appeared before the Murcia Regional Assembly’s Commission for Camposol to give statements, both gentlemen fulfilled expectation by seeking to deflect blame towards each other and any other organisation involved, fortunately the Commission was not impressed with their prevarications and immediately after the hearing one of the Commission spokesmen announced that the main conclusion arising from the hearing was that solutions were needed and as a consequence the Regional PSOE Party had tabled a motion with the Regional Assembly for the Regional Government to instruct and pay for the re-channelling of the Rambla on D Sector at a projected cost of over 4 million euros.

The CHS announced that construction works on the dam/spillway in El Pareton were complete, this infrastructure diverts flood water away from Camposol’s built up areas and into the Rambla de Moreras which skirts the urbanisation then on into the sea.

With construction continuing on the Camposol Sewage plant funded by the Murcia Region, Mazarron Council announced that Aqualia would be moving onto Camposol in the coming weeks to renew 2 sewage pumping stations and install collectors, emergency generators plus other works costing 915,000 euros, full completion expected early/mid 2018.