Minutes of the Camposol Residents’ Association Committee Meeting held at the Golf Club Camposol on Monday 19 August 2019. The meeting opened at 2pm with Chairman Mr Philip Gelling presiding.


Mr Phil Gelling Chairman

Mr David Shackleford Secretary/Treasurer

Mr Gordon Cockburn Membership Secretary

Mr Dave Redford Member

Mr Derek Gormley Member

Mr Colin Barton Member


Mr Rob Humphreys Media secretary

Mr John McCracken Member

Minute 1. Minutes from the previous meeting taken read. All agreed.

Minute 2. The chairman suggested that a newsletter be sent to all members regarding the completion of the questionnaire, therefore including those members living away from Camposol who may wish to contribute.

Minute 3. The chairman has forwarded the latest CRA statement to the Costa Calida magazine for the monthly publication.

Minute 4. The chairman notified the committee that he and John McCracken would arrange to visit the CRA solicitor as early as possible to ascertain outstanding legal issues.

Minute 5. The future initiatives suggested were, what allowances were available to associations in the Mazarron area and can we be included? To investigate areas within Camposol that can be used for future projects, such as a children’s playground. In addition to try and contact the hotel owner to enlist any help he may wish to contribute.

Minute 6. It was agreed that the cabinet recovered from the old cabin should be offered to another charity.

Minute 7. The methodology for storing Archived data to be postponed until suitable software for the hard drive is found.

Minute 8. The treasurer produced a statement of accountant and mentioned the need for a discussion with the bank regarding bank charges. The treasurer will also investigate into an outstanding Debtor ‘Paypal’.

Minute 9. The chairman is to speak with Del Gardo and Gaspar regarding the future of the Rambla.

Minute 10. A unanimous welcome was given to Mr Derek Gormley, who becomes a new member of the committee.

Minute 11. The chairman informed the committee that he and volunteer members of the committee will continue to discuss priority issues within budget parameters every month.

Minute 12. A newsletter to be released informing members regarding the increase of squatters and crime within the Camposol area.

Minute 13. Date of the next meeting is Monday 16th September 2019 at the Golf Club.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 3.30 pm.