The info below is from normal pre-Covid times….

Your medical card cannot be renewed until after the expiry date.  For example if it expires end of April then you can renew first opportunity in May.

The days for renewal at Mazarron Health Centre in July are Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays

Tuesday 8.30 to 10.45 – (No tickets, ask who is last in queue).

Wednesday and Friday
8.30 till 10.00
– (no tickets, ask who is last in the queue),
or 10.30 till 12.30 (take a ticket –
 tickets are put up on door 30 at 10 am and the official issuing the cards goes for his break and starts seeing people in order of their tickets from 10.30 up to 12.30.

Room 30 is up the stairs – then turn left and left again.

You will need:

  • Up to date Padron (at time of posting under 2 years old)
  • Passport
  • Your expired card – they will issue you with a temporary piece of paper which says valid for 3 months.
    This is HOW you are meant to complete the procedure for collecting your medical card in Mazarron Health Centre:

    The date written on your temporary piece of paper is the date you are meant to start asking at Camposol Health Centre To see IF your card has arrived in Mazarron yet. It is NOT the date you are meant to go down and ask him in the office if it is there.
    Once you have been told at the desk that your card is in Mazarron, You can go and collect it. You do not need an appointment or a ticket to do so. The man dealing with this would like people to collect on Wednesdays as he is there every Wednesday from 8.30 until 12.30 ish, (but does have a break about 10). A lot of people are going down there on the date of their temporary paper and wasting their own time hanging about and his time trying to explain etc. So please check at the desk at your surgery first to see if it is there, and once you have been told it is, then go and collect.
    At the moment they are taking about 2.5-3 months, but this will likely get worse the closer we get into the summer.
    Debbie Shaw – translator/interpreter on Camposo also has a collection service for these cards.