If your exchange requires having a medical, in Mazarron there are two options:

You can go to the Rover Clinic near Visanfer Mazarron Wednesday and Friday 6pm to 8pm.

Or use the Clinica Laboratorio in Mazarron which is at 106 Avenida De Constitución. It’s just a few buildings past the Tabac.

It is open two days a week:

No appointment necessary but make sure you take any medical records if on medication.

Take all your paperwork and especially your UK driving license and make sure your padron is less than 3 months old.
If you normally wear glasses make sure you wear them.

Here is a recent report:

I attended the Clinica Labatorio in Mazarron (address below) which I understand is only open from 5pm until 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday for this purpose. Here you will need to undergo a small medical test and you will need to present the following documents. UK Driving Licence, Passport and proof of residence (Padron). Any information on the medication you are using plus any information of any hospital visits in case of illness and a prescription for spectacles. In addition you must pay a fee of 40 Euros in cash. On the left as you enter there is a small reception desk, here you present your UK Driving Licence, passport and the fee. Your documents are returned with a slip of of paper bearing the figure 40 which denotes you have paid, this you need to present to the Doctor. Please note the receptionist speaks very little English however on occasions a translator is present.

Once you have completed this process you will need to go downstairs and queue to see the Doctor. He will then examine your documents,particularly your medical documents, and carry out an eye test. Should you have a particular medical condition he may ask you to obtain a note from your Doctor confirming treatment. Once this process is complete you will be asked to go to the office next door where final details will taken and your medical document issued.


TFNO: 968 59 10 16

The next step is the application process, this can be done by yourself in Cartagena but I am not aware of the location or the process. I went to the Gestoria Zamora in Mazarron who arrange your application where a member of staff speaks English and will help you through the process. Here you need to present the following documents, Medical document, UK Driving Licence, Passport, Padron (dated within last 3 months), Residencia plus 2 photographs the size to fit the driving licence. (These can be obtained at Best Wishes, ask for driving licence photos, the cost is 5 Euros). In addition you will need to pay a fee of 75 Euros in cash, unless you aged over 70 when the fee is 55 Euros. Once the application is completed your UK driving licence will be retained having given you a copy and a cash receipt. The issue of your Spanish driving licence can be up to 3 months and will be delivered to Gestoria Zamora who will then contact you for issue.

Once you have your Spanish driving licence you can apply for an International licence from the same place.

Address: Gestoria Zamora, De Mazarron, Calle San Francisco 3, Mazarron. Tel: 968591789.

Here are extracts from other experiences:

Once at the Clinic ….pay your 40e – the receptionist will know what you require if you show her your UK licence -and then go down the steps/lift to the next floor down…..
At the bottom of the stairs there are 2 doors on the left…..sit and wait , your name will be called, couples go in together…

Once called in….2 chairs to the left…..one to the right (camera) .
Your asked to sit….photo taken….back to other chair….from sitting…read the Letter chart…..then he lights a car headlight on full beam and points to 2 smaller letters straight away!!
There was a stethoscope and BP unit there but we are not on any medication….which he asked.
Form given….go next door….form stamped….back upstairs….
In the second room there was a machine with 2 joysticks …grip test perhaps or old fashioned looking simulator, I’m not sure which….there was a booth in the waiting area….no idea what that was for…..

The medical does not depend on age.
It depends on how long you have left on your licence, and how long they will issue the next one for.
Sometimes you must have a medical, others it is advisable, others do not need to.
As always these things depend on YOUR own personal circumstances so what was necessary for one person is completely unnecessary for another.

That is the first stage. The paperwork they give you has to go to Trafico Cartagena for them to contact the DVLA in UK.

Link for an appointment with tráfico.


Whether you use a translator, gestor or go to Trafico yourself, you need photos for Trafico’s use if you are exchanging a British licence for a Spanish. On Camposol Just Fabulous or Best Wishes can do them – you must tell them it’s for the driving licence. MAKE sure it comes out on a white background, often they take it on white but it comes out grey, so check before you leave. (People renewing a Spanish licence do not need these).

If you are not confident then the options are to use a gestoria or a translator like Debbie Shaw. Gestoria Zamoria are close by – the square behind the clinic contains the Hotel Costa and Zamora are the first office in a street leading off the square – more or less opposite the Hotel Costa. They are open the same time as the clinic is. They will do the rest and notify you when your Spanish driving licence is returned to them. It can take several months. Debbie Shaw and other translators will do the same.

Gestoria Zamora De Mazarron – Tel 968591789 In Mazarron Town in the square with the Park near Costa Hotel

Debbie Shaw 677353136 Debstranslation@hotmail.co.uk