Today, our Policía Local and Guardia Civil, have stated they are ‘intensifying their vigilance’ and ‘strengthening their controls, especially on suburban roads’.

They state they will forcefully punish workers who continue to go out to work and irresponsible people who violate the State of Alarm by going out unnecessarily.

Their reason is the need to ‘put a brake on’ and to ‘stop the spread of COVID-19.’

Local Police and Guardia Civil intensify controls to enforce the circulation of non-essential activities workers who cannot go to work after the new decree

The new measure establishes that workers in non-essential activities cannot attend their work between today, Monday, March 30, and next Thursday, April 9, both inclusive, to stop the spread of COVID-19

The measure is taken through a recoverable paid leave, so workers will not lose their wages but will have to recover hours after the State of Emergency, before December 31.

In addition, controls will be strengthened, especially on suburban roads (like Camposol) to avoid unjustified exits and to punish violators of the State of Emergency decreed to stop the expansion of the coronavirus, as well as in those of second residence during the weekends. Thus, the Guardia Civil and Local Police officers will intensify surveillance to minimize the risk of contagion.

This irresponsible attitude puts the health of these people and that of others at risk, which is why the Government Delegation in Murcia has given instructions to strengthen controls and forcefully sanction those who break the rules.