From Silvana Buxton, Mazarrón Councillor for Camposol and International Relations:

‘The recent increase in Emergency restrictions was made in order to contain the virus in an extremely fast-changing situation. However, there are now 2 confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection in Mazarrón and 3 in Totana, therefore the following rules apply, at this moment in time:

– People MUST do their shopping at the facilities nearest to their home in order to reduce further contamination.

– It is permitted to travel further afield for ESSENTIAL items that are not available in Camposol. A receipt must be kept and made available to the Police if stopped, and a heavy fine will be imposed if the information provided is found to be inaccurate.

– Only ONE person (the driver) is allowed to travel by car at any one time, multiple occupancy will be allowed for people working in the same location and for the same Company, to and from that location (proof will be required).

– Local Police and Guardia Civil will be checking on people walking, cycling etc, those without a valid reason can expect penalty, Cartagena Police have arrested over 30 people in villages and suburbs for violating this legislation (fines start at 600€)

As a result of rebellious, selfish and inconsiderate reaction from some abusers of social media, there will be no more informative postings on social media on behalf of your Councillor. Information is available on the English webpage of the Town Hall website

For any additional information and clarifications, please follow the instructions on the British Consulate website:, or contact the Consulate of your Country.

Your Councillor will continue to respond to messages and enquiries sent to her corporate email address: