From Silvana, your Councillor
We are in a situation never experienced before, and the Government of Spain, together with the emergency services and the military forces are doing their utmost to contain the spreading of this virus which is claiming more and more lives as days go by.
Further restrictions are being imposed to all sectors of society, and many small businesses are already experiencing hardship and possible shut-down. However, saving lives is the major objective at this moment in time.
Please understand that the strict rules are made to protect us, and the Police will impose heavy fines on those who disobey.
It is not of us to question ‘why’ we are restricted to our own home and ´why´ we are allowed to travel alone, and ONLY for essential journeys such as going to buy food or medicines.
In some exceptional circumstances, which only the Police or the Guardia Civil will consider a ‘justified cause’  we can leave our home, but we must provide evidence of our ‘essential journey’ in order to avoid a heavy penalty.
All of us are suffering some sort of inconvenience but all we can do, is to grin-and-bear it, for as long as it takes.
It is feared that things may get worse, so please do not complain about being shut at home – this is imposed on us for our own safety. If unable to drive, please give your shopping list to a family member or a friend and ask them to do it on your behalf.
Abide by the restrictions imposed, and do not listen to so-called experts who post nonsense on social media.
Don’t forget, you have a Councillor who has your welfare at heart and is doing her utmost to find all the relevant information and pass it on to her constituents. Do not hesitate to get in touch with her at
You can also check the English webpage of the Town Hall website, at.
Disobeying the restrictions imposed is irresponsible, selfish and down-right ignorant. Please stay indoors, take care and stay safe