The most important is to fulfill the confinement rules #StayAtHome

– 1 occupant per vehicle. In extreme situations, 2 people are allowed in the same vehicle, the passenger sitting in the back, both people with a mask.

– You are allowed to walk your pets the minimum necessary time. Only one person.

– You should not go to the 2nd holiday residence. Prohibited.

– There should be no gathering or gathering of any community (Muslim, Christian, Chinese), etc. Businesses in these communities must be closed and must not be opened by the State of Alarm decree.

– Funeral homes can open, as long as crowding is avoided, in Mazarrón maximum 15 people by Mayor’s decree, and in any case respecting the distance of one meter between people.

– Veterinary clinics can open to guarantee animal welfare regulations.

– Hairdressers and beauty clinics cannot open, but they can attend their clients at home.

– Notaries, Property Registries and Insurance Brokers can open.

– Mobile phone shops can open.

– – Fast food companies have to be closed unless the food is delivered to the home. Only the delivery is allowed, not to go and collect the food from the establishment. All food must be delivered at home.

– Hotel establishments (bars, restaurants, pizzerias, hamburgers). Only home delivery is allowed, not pick-up at the establishment

– The opening to the public of the premises and retail establishments is suspended, having to have the blinds lowered or doors closed.

– Retail shops are allowed online sales and home delivery.

– Vehicle repair workshops: It is not allowed to open to the public, except for just cause, they can only work behind closed doors (whoever wants to repair their vehicle must take it and leave, they cannot stay in the workshop).

– Appliance shops and closed hardware shops.

– Businesses who work in construction are permitted to work.

– All work activity is allowed, including factories (their Occupational Risk Prevention Services must contemplate the appropriate measures), agricultural work, and construction works (which have the corresponding construction license and are carried out by registered companies).