Lopez Miras announcement, Translation below:

The two basic health areas of Totana will be excluded from this proposal, which is carried out based on sanitary and epidemiological criteria.

It is proposed the limitation to 100 people for cultural activities outdoors and that in social gatherings the restriction up to 10 people continue, as well as keeping the day centres closed

The regional government will request that the Region of Murcia go to Phase 2 of the de-escalation, except for the two basic health areas that comprise the municipality of Totana, which would continue for another week in Phase 1, at the expense of the epidemiological evolution of the cases detected in this locality.

This request is made based on the health reports and the Epidemiology Service, which confirm that the Community complies with the parameters established by the Ministry of Health, which will be the one that, after evaluating these reports, will decide on the passing of the Region to Phase 2.

The Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, explained that “it is very important that we do not let our guard down and continue to act jointly to make the Region continue to advance in the de-escalation process.”

The return to normality involves a relaxation of social measures and an increase in social interaction, which may be a variable that influences the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection. For this reason, the regional government requests the precision and clarification of some of the measures provided for in Order 414/2020, of May 16 of the Ministry of Health, which makes certain restrictions of national scope more flexible in the application of Phase 2 of the Plan for the transition to a new normal.

Thus, the Region of Murcia asks to limit outdoor cultural activities to 100 people, remaining in this aspect in Phase 1. The Order contains in detail the conditions under which these activities may be carried out.

He also requests to limit social meetings, and proposes that up to ten people can meet, so that it remains at this point in Phase 1 and does not go to meetings of 15 people.

Finally, from the regional government it is also required to keep day centres closed for the time being until the evolution of the pandemic is seen.

In this sense, Villegas concluded that “co-responsibility, social discipline, and redoubling hygiene efforts, hand washing as well as maintaining the safety distance, and in his case the use of a mask if it is not possible to ensure that two-meter distance, are the essential measures for our safety and health”.