Region of Murcia to request advancement to Phase 3, translation below$s3$m

The Regional Government requests that the Region of Murcia go to Phase 3 of the de-escalation

The request also includes the Municipality of Totana and would be effective next Monday, June 8

It is proposed to limit cultural outdoor activities to one hundred people and to require transport companies to complete documentation in order to identify users

The Regional Government has requested that the Region of Murcia go to Phase 3 of the de-escalation next Monday, June 8, with some limitations. This request also includes the municipality of Totana, whose entry into Phase 2 was delayed by a week.

The Regional Government’s request is made based on health reports and the Epidemiology Service, which confirm that the Community meets all the parameters established by the Ministry of Health. After evaluating these reports, the Ministry will decide, if appropriate, to move the Region to Phase 3.

“If this new advance towards a new normality occurs, it will be a new achievement for all Murcians,” stressed the Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas. “Thanks to the individual responsibility of each and every one of us, we are managing to eradicate the virus,” emphasized Villegas, “but remember that we still have to remain vigilant and continue to take extreme measures of protection so as not to take a single step back.”

Thus, the Government requests the precision and clarification of some of the measures provided for in the application of this Phase 3. Specifically, it proposes to limit outdoor activities, and in general, to one hundred people and to 50 in activities carried out in enclosed premises. It is also requested that, in general and to unify criteria, the maximum number of people authorized to meet be set at 20.

It is also requested that public and business transport companies be required to specify documentation on those interprovincial and medium or long distance lines throughout the national territory, in order to identify users, as well as to facilitate the tracking of possible contacts, in case the user is declared as an alleged case of contagion.

The President of the Regional Authority, Fernando López Miras, has reported all these measures to the representatives of all the Municipalities of the Region as well as to the different spokespersons of the political groups that make up the Regional Assembly prior to their referral to the Ministry of Health.

In addition, yesterday the Regional Government sent to the Ministry of Health, for its supervision and approval, as appropriate, a proposal for recommendations to take into account in the reopening of zero to three-year-old preschool schools, kindergartens and childcare centres, after not having received any proposal from the Ministry.

This proposal contains minimum standards that these centres should comply with in terms of safety and protection of their users as well as actions on prevention and hygiene in these centres and their operation.

Finally, Villegas insisted that “maintaining the minimum safety distance, avoiding crowds, washing hands and taking extreme hygiene measures and the mandatory use of respiratory protections such as masks will be the best weapons to prevent a new outbreak”.



Health Minister “corrects” Transport Minister; movement between regions in phase 3 will NOT be permitted, but movement between provinces within a region will.
For us here in Murcia it means second homeowners from outside of the region can´t come here until after 21st June. CLICK TO READ THE MURCIA TODAY ARTICLE  –