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The Region (of Murcia) is the only regional authority to have a real-time information system on Covid-19.

The Regional Health Authority has launched this tool to be able to act immediately at those points where a higher incidence of the virus is detected

The Region is the only Authority that has a monitoring and alert system for any incident related to Covid-19. This tool offers real-time information on points at which a higher incidence of the virus is detected, allowing healthcare providers to act immediately to control its spread.

The Regional Ministry of Health has designed the ‘Covid Alert’ tool “so that the Region is prepared for the potential risks of a virus outbreak in the Region that involves the de-escalation plan,” the Health Minister, Manuel Villegas explained today, in his speech at the press conference held after the Governing Council Meeting.

This system allows Primary Care teams to identify daily the number of possible cases of Covid-19, “which allows us to compare the incidence of the virus in the different health areas of the Region, in real time,” said Villegas.

The launch of ‘Covid Alert’, explained the Minister, “allows us not only to intervene quickly in the health areas where there is the greatest contagion, but to study in depth why these contagions are taking place at a certain point”. In addition, this tool would enable measures to be taken such as the closure of a municipality immediately in the event of a possible outbreak.