We are in January, and although it is still early, due to our weather the pine processions 🌲 are already underway.
In several areas of the population there are pine trees and they usually coincide with the places where citizens walk with minors and pets 🐕.
From this police we urge and advise that you take due precaution ⚠️ before the processionary nests.
👉🏻 On people 🚶the damage is usually strong hives in the contact area when it comes to the skin.
When it comes to mucous membranes 👃 👄 👁, the consequences are aggravated, so you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.
👉🏻 About pets 🐶 🐱 the result is usually similar except that they use their snouts and mouths on the ground, being able to swallow the irritating hairs of the caterpillars.
In this case, asphyxia can be caused by inflammation of the tongue or trachea.
So we must act in the following way:
1️⃣ We will try to go to the nearest vet.
2️⃣ In case of not being able to go or in the meantime, try to remove the stinging hairs with gloves zona and wash the area with hot water.
3️⃣ Prevent the animal from licking paws 🐾 or fur and not scratching.
In any case, avoid these areas during the time that these Pests are active.